15 Best Apps For Android

Here is a list of the 15 best Android apps that are essential for your smartphone:

iPvanish VPN : Going for $8.32 per month, this app is a must if you want to keep your device safe when working on unsecured Wi-Fi. It is fast and very safe, and comes with an SSL-secured network and 256-bit encryption. You also have unlimited bandwidth and speed, and its web of servers in over a hundred locations around the world means that you can always find one near you to give you the best experience possible. Click Here to get started.

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Weather1 : This may be the best weather app, and has a simple page-based design that displays the current weather, a forecast up to the coming 12 weeks, a radar and other bits of statistics. You also get some standard widgets and notifications for the weather . The simple design is the best part of the app, and the range of fun facts about the weather make it a must try app.


Blue Mail : The best all-round email app, it has a simple interface, is compatible with almost every email provider and is overall clean. You can customise the look and feel of the app with the smart settings. You can also use the Android Wear Support on the app to lock private emails, widgets, color codings and other things. It has a 4.7 of 5 stars on the Play Store and get frequent updates.

Blue Mail APK

Blue Mail App


Google Drive Suite : Android’s cloud storage solution, Google Drive, offers 15GB of free and permanent storage to all Google users. We wholeheartedly confess that Google Drive Suite might be one of our most favorite apps given the amazing apps it includes. Sheets, Photos, Slides, Docs, Calendar – everything Google has to offer you name it, and it is there. No doubt, these are sleekest and chicest apps in town that will enhance productivity with their features and ease of access. Live collaboration, deep sharing and compatibility with MS Office documents make these apps very handy.


Google Maps and Waze : Google Maps is the best navigation app on the scene, and gets almost weekly updates adding to the wide range of features it already offers users. It gives you a list of places of interest, traffic data, directions to places like rest stops and even lets users download maps for offline access besides the usual features. If you add to it the Waze, which comes with a ton of its own features, you will not need another navigation app.

Google Maps APK

Google Maps APP


Google Now And Google Assistant : They are almost the same apps, Google Now is a voice assistant just like Siri and Alexa. Assistant takes things to another level, and you can them to do a wide variety of functions, including voice commands.


Google Play Music : This app can read local files and also the music you like online, and lets you upload thousands of songs to the service free of cost. The content includes music videos, educational videos, reviews, podcasts, news and a lot more than you can hope to cover.

Google Play Music APK

Google Play Music App


LetPass password manager : The app saves your login credentials in a safe manner, and also generates impossible to break passwords for you to use on your accounts. The app has cross-platform support so you can use it on a PC, tablets and other devices. The premium version is cheap and you can add the Authenticator for added security.


Nova Launcher : The launcher has been around for some time, it has constant updates and comes with a variety of features that include the ability to backup and restore the home screen setups, icon theming for all the apps on your phone and customization elements for the app drawer and home screen. We would say go premium with this one and enjoy these amazing features starting from icon swipe to controlling the app using gestures to notification badges.

Nova Launcher APK

Nova Launcher App


Pocket Casts : This app lets you stream and download podcasts from a variety of sources, and features support for both audio-only and video podcasts. There is also the option to sign-in so you can sync podcasts over devices and the app also gives you great recommendations.


Solid Explorer : This is a great file browser that has Material Design, support for archiving, most popular cloud services out there and also has FTP, SFPT, WebDav and SMB/CIFS support. The app comes at a price of $1.99 which is not so tough.

solid explorer APK

solid Explorer App


Swiftkey Keyboard : This is a third-party keyboard app and is the most powerful app in that category. The app is free and has a number of features like gesture typing, cross-device syncing, multiple languages support etc.


Tasker : This app takes patience to learn but once you master it, you can create custom made commands and use them in various places to make your life easier. You can even use it to create very complex commands for NFC tags.

Tasker APK

Tasker App


Textra : One of the best texting apps on Android, it covers all the basics requred off a texting app well, including SMS and MMS support and group texts. You can choose a dark and light theme for the app,a primary color and an accent color, and there is also a very friendly bot in the app to deliver news about updates.


Wunderlist : This is a to-do list app that lets you keep track of tasks that you need to do. You can set reminders for basic stuff and even complicated tasks that need to be done. The free version has basic features like reminders, while the pro version is better fit for business professionals. The app is very versatile, and is a free download.

wunderlist APK

Wunderlist App


Try out these apps and let us know how you found them in comments below.

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