2023 Modern Exterior Doors for Your Home in Toronto


Front door is a crucial part of the external design. It serves as the main access point, provides security and functionality, and can express your unique style. Exterior doors in Toronto, however, can become worn out, or look outdated in comparison to current trends.

It’s time to think about replacing your front door if it looks outdated or if you’ve noticed drafts or noises coming through it. Vinyl Light Windows and Doors has compiled a list of the top entry door trends for 2023, to give you an idea of what is booming today.

2023 Modern Exterior Doors

Front Doors Styles and Trends in 2023

  • Bolder Colours

While traditional colors like white, black, and unfinished wood will never go out of style, a spike of bolder, more striking front door hues is expected in 2023. Consider vivid blues, rich greens, or even pink or yellow tones. Any home can become more unique and curb appeal with these striking colors.

  • More Glass Elements

Glass components let more natural light in, which makes the house feel more spacious and welcoming. The popularity of front doors with sidelights, transoms, or glass panels is growing rapidly in 2023. Some homeowners might even choose full-glass doors, which provide an elegant, modern appearance.

  • Steel and Fibreglass Doors

A growing number of people are choosing steel and fiberglass doors because of their durability and ease of maintenance. The use of these materials in front-door designs is likely to increase in 2023. These doors are available in many different finishes and may be painted to match any external color scheme.

  • Wider Door Measurements

The era of small, narrow front entryways is over. Homeowners are choosing wider door sizes in 2023. Popular choices that can significantly affect the appearance of your home are double doors and huge single doors.

  • Beautiful Natural Wood Stains

Natural wood colors are a classic option for entry doors. In 2023 it is expected to see more homeowners choosing lovely, warm wood tones. The range of these stains varies from light to deep and they can make any home exterior more welcoming and unique.

  • Smart Door Features

With the development of technologies, more and more homeowners are looking for smart features in their front doors. Popular choices that offer improved protection and convenience include voice-controlled entry systems, video doorbells, and smart locks.

What Type of Entry Door Is the Most Popular in Toronto?

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