4 Authentic And Easy Ways Of Casting Your Android Screen

Many times the screen of your Android is not enough to consume media (photos or movies) together, with family or a group of friends. In such conditions, sharing your screen from your phone/tablet to your television is the suggested way to go ahead. Below are the means you can cast your screen to a TV by connecting it to your Android –


Use a WiFi Connection

One of the easiest ways to connect your Android to your Smart TV is through WiFi. This will let you cast different media directly from your android. Remember, that your TV has to be a Smart TV, failing which you won’t be able to connect your device to it.

You have to have both your Smart TV and your Android connected to the same WiFi connection for this to work. The manufactures are usually Sony, Phillips, Panasonic, etc. who produce Smart TVs. Some manufactures also allow you to connect to your Android through a wireless connection. You can even stream Youtube on your Smart TV by your Android device. Casting photos, videos, etc. had to be done individually previously, but now you can simply cast your screen directly.

Use Wifi Connection, connect device through wifi


Use a Free App

 Free apps like ‘iMediaShare – Photos & Music’ are available to let you stream photos, videos and music to Smart TV from your Android device. You can even play videos in succession with this app. Installing apps on your TV itself is one more option available.

However, casting via wireless connection can cause a little delayed projection on your Smart TV, which is not much of an annoyance in case of images, but might ruin your video watching experience.

Use a free app, imedia share, photos and stream videos


Use your TV as Smartphone Display

At times, you won’t be able to stream content from your android to your TV wirelessly. However, you can connect the tv to your Android by via an HDMI input, thus overcoming this problem.

Please remember a compact HDMI output (mini HDMI or micro HDMI) for tablets is difficult to come by, however this all is not needed for your smartphone. Phones usually can not work with chunky adapters, but you can solve the problem with USB port expander Mobile High Definition Link (MHL). Its 3.0 version even lets you transfer 4K content from your Android phones to Ultra HD televisions via HDMI transmission.

User TV as Smartphone display, stream content from android to TV


Use SlimPort as MHL Alternative

SlimPort is being backed by Google and other manufacturers instead of MHL. You have to use a USB with a separate cable which will connect to a TV  via HDMI when using SlimPort. Some of the compatible devices which also include smartphones are: BlackBerry Priv, the LG G4 and LG V10 and Amazon’s Kindle series and the Google Nexus 7.

In case neither wireless streaming or MHL/SlimPort are able to connect your Android smartphone to the TV, then go with the USB option, which will let you display stored photos and videos on the TV from the internal memory or SD card. Now we can also boost our TV  by using set-top boxes, or media sticks, which act as a bridge between the two.

Use Slimport As MHL Alternative, TV connector,

However, you must try the iconic Google Chromecast to connect your Android to your TV. You can cast content from your Android smartphone or tablet right to the TV without any hassle. You need to run the Chromecast app, and put the Chromecast device into the HDMI port of your TV. You can use a lot of  apps for the Chromecast. Even Netflix, the video streaming giant, can be used on Chromecast. You can also show off your photos or videos to friends by streaming content via the ‘AllCast’ app. The second generation of Chromecast is available in the Google Play Store for about 39 Euros.


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