6 Reasons Why Schools Need Interior And Exterior Signs


Having good interior and exterior signage offers many benefits to schools. It can improve punctuality, increase safety, celebrate academic and athletic achievements, and act as a notice board for important school events.

Below, Shieldco custom signs delve into the benefits in detail and give suggestions for the kinds of signs that are best for each purpose.

1. Enhance Communication

The improvement of communication between the school, parents, and children is one of the key advantages of interior and external signs in schools.

An LED sign is the most effective for enhancing communication. Would you like to remind the students of a date or event? Are you afraid that the handouts you send home with the pupils might not get returned? Or perhaps you want to increase the number of attendees at the upcoming important game, performance, or other event? All you have to do is input your message into the LED sign’s programming, and the rest will be taken care of.

You can even plan messages in advance or arrange several messages to show at various times with many LED signs. An additional benefit of an LED sign is that you can cycle through a number of messages at once.

2. Improves Attendance and Punctuality

Due to the reduction in instructional time wasted when students are absent, student punctuality and attendance are crucial to a school. Large schools have the issue that it might take pupils a while to get from point A to point B, which results in a significant loss of critical learning time.

Poor traffic flow within the school, or new students and employees getting lost, exacerbates this issue, particularly when some tiny hallways or entrances turn into bottlenecks.

Installing interior ceiling signage in schools to remind students which side of the corridor to use as they can be seen from above in a packed area is a wonderful approach to direct hallway traffic. To direct children, simple arrow signs can be put up at eye level.

By using these signs, you can lessen congestion in the hallways, which will allow everyone to begin the next class earlier.

3. Enhance Safety

Every school’s main responsibility is keeping kids and faculty safe, and signage can play a significant part in that. Installing essential health and safety signage in prominent locations is one aspect of this.

You must make sure that safety elements like fire alarms, fire escapes, and muster stations are marked with signs, and each classroom and hallway needs to have a sign directing people to the closest such features in case of an emergency.

Many schools want additional types of signage in addition to the health and safety signs that are required to be posted in order to make sure that their own policies are prominently stated. Simple signage can be put up both inside and outside the school to guide patrons and employees and warn them of potential dangers.

4. Honor Accomplishments and Publicize Events

Schools have a wide range of signage alternatives to choose from when highlighting accomplishments and events.

On printed PVC vinyl banners that are hung inside the building’s main door, schools frequently show this kind of information. Students, faculty, parents, guests, and anybody else passing by can see it plainly as a result.

Promotional banners are a terrific method to make a huge effect on a tight budget because they are readily available in any design and a variety of sizes and shapes.

5. Promoting Brand and Core Values

Many schools use signs to advertise their basic principles and brand. They can be printed on giant flags, made using flat cut or 3D built-up lettering on custom backgrounds, lamppost banners, or LED signs, and hung in the main entrance.

There are countless ways to promote a school’s core principles and reputation. What you wish to communicate should be taken into account more. Because of this, and this also applies to schools, 70% of clients of businesses believe that the quality of a business’s sign reflects the quality of its products. A school needs to have the ideal sign if it wants to draw in top talent for both pupils and employees.

6. Dynamic Information Display

LED signs have characteristics that go beyond just being a simple sign for announcements, unlike any other sort of sign. These posters are the ideal combination of educational content and amusement, elevating school communication to a new level. Your school can show videos, offer animations, or post adverts when an LED sign is installed.

Additionally, you can install an LED sign inside; your gym might be the ideal location. For the student body, you can stream recorded videos or play DVDs. Additionally, you could use your LED sign as a jumbotron at professional games and show live feeds of fans cheering and dancing.

Signs Make Schools Better

An effective school’s interior and outside signage has many advantages. The proper sign can improve security, serve as a signboard, and improve timeliness. It can even inform the neighborhood of your accomplishments and upcoming events while promoting your school’s brand and key principles.

There are various sign types available for each of these, allowing you to select the option that best suits your needs and your budget.