9 Ways To Increase The Battery Life Of Your Android

How many times have you had your phone run out of power while you were out in the market running errands? Or minutes away from home? Or just about to enter an important conference call? Well, have we not all been there, done that? Whenever you are away from your phone charger and the battery is getting drained out, it is extremely important to make every last bit of it count. And that is what we are going to show you how to.


We will tell you ways to not only take whatever is left of your Android battery power and make the best of it, but also to make it last as long as possible. Obviously, you can save your battery using many hacks and we are sure some of these you might even be using similarly or in a bit changed way. Please note that these battery saving methods are to be applied in your day to day routine which means these are not just emergency gateways. By incorporating more battery friendly attitude, you would be doing yourself a favor only. Please read on to know how to increase the battery life of your Android.

-> Turn everything off. Most of the features your phone has – WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, are eating into its battery and it would be so battery if you just turn all of them if and when you do not need them. You can also turn to the Airplane mode which will keep the activity to a minimum in case you are at some place with bad network,

-> Switch off the phone may be?! We know you might have pulled this one out on your own as well sometimes. Turning your device off completely stops the battery drainage which means whenever your turn it on again, the battery consumed would be lesser than had you not turned it off. Just make sure that you have informed everyone and you do not have any calls or texts to get back to and just cut the chord – turn it off and relax.

-> Did you know simply reducing the brightness of your Android’s screen will save you precious battery bars when you need them the most? As it happens your screen consumes a lot more battery when display is brighter – so just turn it down.

 Automatic Brightness on android

Android Automatic Brightness


-> Most important step in such conditions is to find out the applications and other software’s which are in fact draining out your battery life the most. Simply head to the Settings on your device and click on Applications. You would have all the applications installed on your phone in a list here. You need to Click on an app to check how much bandwidth it is consuming. In case, you want it to stop, click on force stop if need be.

Close Apps on android

Clean Apps


-> Remember to go basic whenever your Android is in crisis. For one, do away with all the games and videos and other apps which drain your battery and use the basic features a phone offers – calling, texting and others to save on the battery life.

-> Android has offered battery saving modes in its latest versions like Lollipop and Marshmallow. The platform has modes which turn off vibration, decrease the display brightness or does not let apps run in background. These modes can even cause your device to work slower than usual saving the battery.

battery saving mode on android

battery saving mode


-> When we are discussing so many options, how can we not talk about specific apps? You can go ahead and use Clean Master or Juice Defender, both these apps take care of your battery conditions. These keep your high battery consuming apps in check and ensure your settings are up to date to keep your phone working alright when it is low on battery.

-> You can also take care of your battery issues by rooting your phone. It will conserve your battery by deleting bloatware – apps which come pre installed on your Android – and letting you use specially designed apps like Greenify which can only be used in rooted phones.

If you follow all the steps which are mentioned above, things can always go awry. Remember to keep a back up with you always. Also, find portable chargers from manufacturers like Anker, Powermat, etc. or buy a smartphone case having battery.

All of these ways and hacks are cool and let you help save on your battery. However these days Android itself and other manufacturers are taking care of important issues like battery drainage. You can use Doze Mode available in Marshmallow 6.0 which will let not apps check for updates whenever Do Not Disturb is turned on or the phone has been sitting still for a long time. Manufacturers like Samsung even got their ultra power saving mode, making screen grayscale theme and ensuring limited app usage.

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