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A group of  experts who are passionate about Android especially Android Boxes. We have been working together from last 6 years over various projects and once the new tech (android box) was out in market we were all in it.  Seeing the growing confusion with varios addons, builds and apps we decided to launch this portal to share our expertise with Android Box users.

We make life easy and simple by keeping a regular check on what is coming up or what is going down, so our users don’t have to worry a minute. We share our expertise on daily basis in the form of articles, tutorials, video guides and training sessions. Considering the tech nature of these android boxes we are doing our best to keep the things pretty simple.

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                                              “We are experts, workaholics , tech geeks and much more”

Shawn Chalmers: First one to get addicted to the android box.  Knows Android box in and out.  Mostly responsible for dealing with issues concerning Android Box and the apps used in it. He can bewitch your android box to start working. If you are looking for some really good help ask for shawn.

Kaiser Mills: One of the early adepts of Android technology with a versatile background in tech. He is mostly responsible for customer relations and web development.

Sh.Naveed: He is a tech geek and android lover from ages. Mostly responsible for marketing operations and content management.

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