All You Need To Know About The New Kodi


If you ask us what we feel about Kodi, we’d say it is the King of the media players, something which no one else could do or think of doing, it was doing and acing at it. Kodi was that unbeatable and unstoppable player in free online streaming platforms – but that all is the talk of past now. A few months or more have passed and it is surely a new day. Many changes have come to be from the first days of using a customized Android device and watching some movies, some sports and other material (which was all copyrighted), without having to pay a dime for it.

With the legal action that was taken against those who were selling Kodi Boxes, a ruling by the Court of Justice at European Union stated that anyone who has been streaming illegally downloaded films or TV shows is in fact operating against the law. Moreover no one can deny that Kodi has gotten almost an unwashable stain on its reputation with a number of third party addons developers for Kodi (something which coincidentally has always been increasing since day one) are right now being chased and rounded up by authorities and governments around the globe.

This all has not only drastically harmed the name and fame of Kodi, but has made the platform a bit riskier to operate on as well. After all, we are a hundred percent sure no one wants to possibly face ten years of jail time by getting caught for illegally streaming content given the Digital Economy Act 2017 was passed in April as an Act of Parliament.

Keeping all this aside, do not mistake Kodi for its add-on developers. Kodi is perfectly legal and has no copyright issues given that it has no content whatsoever. However, it lets a user customize the experience using third party add ons, which may let one access even illegal streaming of content – something which is certainly enough to put you behind bars. However, in the past weeks these streams have started to disappear and started to dominate different charts in online chat forums given their reliability and availability. And this is where Mobdro comes in to change the game.

This app Mobdro is an Android app which is again able to stream different channels live as well as content which people want spread over different movies, TV shows, and of course live sports. The app is not yet listen on Google Play Store but you can easily find its APK version online for free. Simply install the APK on your device and you would be good to go. Now, you may have heard of Mobdro before as well as it has been around for years now, and fortunately it has not gotten anywhere near the copyright infringement issues till date. The app can be used on Android phones and tablets as well as different Windows PCs and TV streaming platforms like Google’s Chromecast or the Fire TV Stick from Amazon, using which you can play it on your normal TV.

Right now, Mobdro comes with two versions – one called a freemium while the other a premium version. Obviously, the first one is for free, while the other one would charge you money. Good news is you do not need to open your wallet to pay until and unless you want to put Mobdro on your Chromecast. However to watch and access anything on Mobdro, you would be required to accept all the terms and conditions by the company, which even include the statement that the app has been designed to crawl the web to search for free streams and thus captures them for users to access and watch.

The disclaimer by the app developers also states that Mobdro is not controlling and is not liable for the content you are going to access or the location it is at, as the pages which are hosting content are totally and solely responsible for everything. The app clearly states that in case a holder of a certain copyright feels that his/her rights have been compromised, he/she must contact the source of such illegal content for withdrawal and not Mobdro. Right now, Mobdro has no official update or version which can be used on non jailbroken Apple devices, which means you might not be able to download and install it on your iPhone or iPad.