Bengaluru Exploration: Must-Visit Places in The Garden City


Often dubbed the “Silicon Valley of India,” Bangalore presents a vibrant contrast: it harmoniously fuses its rich historical heritage with an ever-evolving tech landscape. Offering much to both residents and tourists alike, from cultural attractions to technological marvels, this city establishes itself as a mandatory destination; indeed, you must visit! If you are visiting Bangalore then try booking at The Ritz Carlton Bengaluru.

1. Cubbon Park:

Officially dubbed Sri Chamarajendra Park, Cubbon Park is a sprawling green oasis nestled in the heart of Bangalore. Dating back to the 19th century, it spans more than 100 acres and serves as an ideal destination for joggers, nature devotees, and families alike. With its plethora of indigenous and exotic plant species, this park truly stands as a sanctuary for botany enthusiasts. The city’s hustle and bustle can be evaded ideally here, it offers an opportunity to savor a leisurely picnic.

2. Botanical Garden of Lalbagh:

Lalbagh Botanical Garden is another green gem in Bangalore. GN is renowned for its stunning glasshouse, inspired by London’s Crystal Palace. Spanning 240 acres, the garden features a diverse collection of tropical and sub-tropical plants. Should you choose to partake in the biannual flower shows held on Republic Day and Independence Day, you will be immersed in a spectacle of colors and fragrances. Serving as an idyllic haven for photographers, birdwatchers, and serene seekers alike, Lalbagh presents itself undeniably as a paradise.

3. Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan:

History enthusiasts must not overlook a visit to Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace, an exquisite embodiment of Indo-Islamic architecture. The palace, functioning as the bucolic residence for 18th-century ruler Tipu Sultan, stands as an ornate wooden structure adorned with beautifully crafted pillars and balconies, offering insights into the era’s regal lifestyle. Housing a compact museum, the palace showcases artifacts and memorabilia, all dating from Tipu Sultan’s reign.

4. The Bengaluru Ritz Carlton

Travelers seeking luxury and sophistication, The Ritz Carlton Bengaluruis a perfect choice for you. This 5-star hotel nestled in the city’s heart befits opulent accommodations; furthermore, it blends in world-class amenities. Access to popular attractions such as UB City Mall and Cubbon Park is effortless given its strategic location. The hotel takes pride in its exquisite dining options, offers a rejuvenating spa, and boasts a rooftop bar, providing panoramic city views.

5. Palace of Bangalore:

King Chamarajendra Wadiyar constructed Bangalore Palace in 1887; a massive architectural marvel, it mirrors Windsor Castle in England. The palace exudes an eclectic blend of Tudor and Scottish Gothic architectural styles, a testament to the king’s aesthetic sensibilities. Inside this captivating edifice, opulent wooden carvings adorn each corner, stained glass windows filter ethereal light onto exquisite carpets, and a remarkable collection of paintings and artifacts awaits discovery by every visitor. Venturing through this palace parallels a temporal journey as a voyage reverting to the era of the Wadiyar dynasty, a notable period steeped in history.

6. Innovative Film City:

A place where creativity and innovation converge, a setting that both inspires the mind and invigorates the imagination, is truly an unparalleled experience for every visitor. Make your way to Innovative Film City for a day infused with entertainment. Not only does this venue function as a vast amusement park, but it also doubles as an exhilarating film studio. Thrilling rides serve to immerse you in pure exhilaration, the intricacies of its wax museum await your discovery, a firsthand witness experience into the world of moviemaking is at our fingertips. With a diverse range of experiences offered, this park stands out as an ideal destination for families and friends alike. 

7. National Park: Bannerghatta

Bannerghatta National Park, with its expansive wildlife reserve and home to diverse flora and fauna, including tigers, lions, and elephants, provides nature enthusiasts with an array of delights. Visitors here can embrace multiple opportunities, such as embarking on thrilling safaris, immersing themselves in nature walks, or exploring the park’s unique attractions, such as the butterfly park and zoo. This exceptional location presents an unparalleled chance for a truly enriching experience to re-establish one’s connection with nature by observing regional biodiversity nearby.

8. Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum:

In honor of Bharat Ratna Sir M. Visvesvaraya, this captivating exploration of science and technology offers a journey through myriad components: engineering, the natural world around us, not to mention interactive exhibits, a science park included, and even a planetarium. Visitors seize the opportunity for discovery at every turn. This destination is truly fantastic and offers both adults and children an engaging and educational experience. It is indeed exceptional.

9. Ulsoor Lake:

It is situated in Bangalore’s heart and provides the perfect tranquil escape for those weary of the city’s relentless hustle and bustle. Visitors may partake in boat rides, enjoy lakeside picnics, and indulge in strolls along the well-maintained promenade. Lush greenery envelops the lake, which enhances its charm. To secure a serene experience, one should visit during the early mornings or evenings.

10. Nandi Hills:

Situated in the heart of Bangalore, it offers the perfect tranquil escape for those wearied by the city’s relentless hustle and bustle as a welcome refuge amid urban chaos. The hills provide panoramic views of the encompassing scenery; additionally, the cool climate establishes it as a perfect location for day excursions or weekend retreats. Experiencing the sunrise from Nandi Hills, a breathtaking spectacle cherished by nature enthusiasts and photographers alike is unforgettable.


Bangalore stands as a city shimmering with blends of modernity and tradition, presenting endless exploratory possibilities. From historic landmarks to technological marvels, lush gardens to vibrant markets, these elements offer something for everyone. Traversing its streets exposes you subtly yet profoundly to the rich cultural tapestry that composes Bangalore’s unique identity.

Whether you harbor a vigorous interest in history, hold an unrestrained enthusiasm for nature, or possess an insatiable love for food, the treasures of Bangalore stand at your disposal to uncover and explore. Relish the local gastronomies, let yourself plunge into the city’s cultural events and engage with its congenial residents. The Ritz Carlton Bengaluru also offers a great menuincase you are staying there. Do not view Bangalore as a mere destination; rather, perceive it as a waiting happenstance, an experience yearning to unveil itself.

Happy traveling!