5 Best Long-form AI Article Writer Tools


These days, it’s not difficult to come across numerous AI-powered content generators that can help streamline your content writing with minimal time and effort. From blog articles to essays, tools like blog post generator powered by AI from HIX.AI are revolutionizing how we create content. 

However, finding the best AI writing tool often depends on the type of content that you are looking to produce. After all, one AI tool that works well with short-form content like emails or website copy may not be well-suited for long-form content like articles and reports. In short, you need to be able to find the right tool for the job.

In this article, we’ll break down the 5 best long-form AI article generators that you can consistently rely on to help you produce high-quality copy at scale. Each one has something unique to offer that should prove valuable, no matter what your profession or content needs may be. 


HIX.AI’s ArticleGPT is the leading AI long-form content generator in the current market. It is the perfect AI article writer for content creators and bloggers who need high-quality long-form content that is relevant and error-free, as well as plagiarism-free. On top of that, everything it generates is hallucination-free and fact-based text, as the AI writer only pulls information from reputable and vetted online sources.

ArticleGPT can also instantly generate SEO-optimized content that is tailored to your targeted keywords, which ensures that your articles can rank high on Google. Aside from that, it also offers access to an extensive range of features such as the ability to customize content to fit your desired style requirements, eg. tone of voice, language, target audience, word count, etc.

Furthermore, the tool is extremely versatile in that it offers multiple content generation options across a wide range of fields and niches. For instance, it can be used to craft general articles, product reviews, how-to guides, news articles, product comparisons, etc. Whatever type of content you need to be written, HIX.AI can deliver.

In terms of pricing, you can access ArticleGPT by subscribing to HIX.AI’s Pro plan. This will set you back $39.99/month but it will enable you to generate up to 600,000 words on the GPT-3.5 model and 20,000 words on the GPT-4 model.


Built on GPT-3, Rytr is especially popular among content writers, brands, and digital marketers, as it comes equipped with cutting-edge AI technology that can generate wholly unique content on any topic or industry. With its long-form content editor, users can instantly produce SEO-optimized articles, business pitches, landing pages, social media posts, and more. 

It also supports a wide range of unique tones and writing styles such as professional, conversational, academic or creative. Furthermore, Rytr allows users to select from over 30 different languages and even provides countless integrations with notable third-party apps such as WordPress, Slack, Google Drive, etc.

The platform also boasts a very simple and easy-to-use UI, not to mention, that it offers access to over 30+ templates and incorporates PAS and AIDA formulas to ensure that users are provided the best quality results. It even comes with a built-in plagiarism checker and image generation tool.

Rytr comes with a free plan that enables users to generate 10k characters per month. For more, you can get the Saver plan which starts at $9/month.


Jasper is one of the most widely used AI content generators in the market, primarily because it offers users access to a sophisticated long-form editor that can produce content for over 50+ use cases. Also, unlike most other AI writing tools, Jasper has no word count limitations since all plans offer unlimited access. 

The platform’s UI does well to provide streamlined functionality, as users can simply tell the tool what to write by providing a simple prompt and it simply handles the rest, be it articles, reports, e-books, etc. You can also customize the long-form content to suit your preferred tone style, language, or intended audience.

In addition, it comes with a content improver that can take any existing content and enhance it with SEO-optimised output. It also churns out plagiarism-free content, so you won’t need to spend too much time editing, either. Plus, it has multiple templates that can be used to help save time when crafting video descriptions, ad copy, emails, etc.

Users can access Jasper’s Creator Plan for a price of $39/month, which also includes a browser extension feature that allows you to access its full functionality on any site.


Sudowrite is a great choice for users who need help overcoming writer’s block or crafting creative content such as e-books, novels or screenplays. The writing tool offers users access to numerous templates and does well to provide new ideas by crafting creative outlines for original content.

It can even take any existing content such as blog articles or essays that you’ve already written and expand upon them, while also providing you with multiple variations to choose from. This, in turn, enables you to more effectively control the content’s direction. 

In addition, it can adapt its tone and language based on the writer’s preferences, thereby making it useful in a wide range of genres, niches, and topics. Sudowrite is also able to take any existing content and suggest alternative phrasing to help writers better refine and improve their content’s flow.

Sudowrite offers subscriptions starting at just $10/month for generating shorter content like blog posts or essays and $25/month for much longer content like novels.


If you need a long-form AI writing tool that can provide you with unlimited content generation, then look no further than WordHero. It has over 70+ content writing tools, which includes a Long-Form editor that can help craft anything from blog articles and essays to even press releases. It also offers several different templates that can be used to craft almost any type of content that you need in a hurry. 

The tool is also very fast at producing high-volume content and it is a great choice for beginners who would typically prefer an uncluttered and straightforward interface. It also caters to SEO-optimization and it is one of the few online writing tools that offers 24/7 chat support, which can be valuable if you ever need quick support while working. Plus, the writing tool does well to support 100+ different languages, making it ideal for crafting content to reach wider audiences.

You can access WordHero’s AI writing assistant by opting in for their starter plan, which is currently priced at $49/month.


We hope that this post has been useful in helping you to deduce which AI article writers are best suited for dealing with long-form content. Each one has unique features and benefits to offer, so feel free to explore them by testing them out via free trials. After all, finding the right AI writing assistant is not much different from trying on new shoes, as you need to put them to work to determine what truly works for you.

However, always keep in mind that as convenient as tools like the HIX ArticleGPT can be for crafting content, they are only meant to be assistants. This is especially relevant when dealing with long-form content because you will need to fine-tune the text if you want to effectively maintain the audience’s attention from start to finish. This can mean implementing personal touches like including real-life examples, humour, personal anecdotes, etc.