Best Apps To Stream Games From Your Android Device

There was a time when streaming live action from your favourite gamers was limited to just PCs, but a number of quality apps have made it possible to do it even on Android phones, helping you catch the action even on the go. Here, we give a list of the best game streaming apps for Android phones.


  1. Awesome Game Streaming On Mobile: Vortex.

    Vortex has a simple enough interface but the upside is that the users can customise their stream as they see fit for a more fulfilling experience. It does not have a PC site but you can still view some great games from a PC or console. Being only a mobile app, the focus of the interface designed is on mobile viewers, and this has allowed the designers to provide a clean, well thought out stream. The suggestions in your feed will also be excellent if you are just browsing. The only problem with Vortex is perhaps the video quality, which is acceptable but pales in comparison to some others. The quality of the audio is decent enough, and the minimalist approach makes it very easy to use for Android phones.

  2. Best For Watching Mobile Game Streamers : Kamcord

    Kamcord, stream games on android, play online games on android

    This is a game-streaming app only that only allows mobile game streamers. You will find streaming for games such as Clash Royale, Clash of Clans and Minecraft : Pocket Edition, but not for League of Legends, CSGO or DOTA. The app also boasts of having hosted some of the best mobile gamers, such as Galadon, itsfunneh, GAMINGwithMOLT, MYSTLC7 among others. The app allows the chat option that you can use to talk to them, as well as mobile notifications when they go online so you do not miss anything. Also, if you are good at a game yourself and want to broadcast, the app lets you register and live stream your own game.


  3. Best For esports Events: Azubu.azubu on android, popular live streaming esports game on android

    Azubu became popular with their live streaming coverage of the League Championship Series for League of Legends. It supported an unbroken coverage during a prolonged period of high internet traffic. The site has now launched their own Android app to live stream esports events. The mobile app has the appearance of the site and possesses channel and game sorting and video search. The video quality offered is excellent on the app, making it attractive than the other apps. In the video search option, you can find what your favourite gamers have shared, as well as instructional videos to improve your own strategies. There is also the chat option, like Kamcord, where you can message and chat with gamers.


  4. Best Game Streaming App Newcomer: Hitbox

     This app is gaining a lot of fans of late, as it attempts to bring in a lot of newcomers who are trying to avoid the crowded Azubu and Twitch apps. You can find some up and coming gamers who are looking to make a mark for themselves, and chat with them with the messaging option. However, the app is still in beta testing, meaning there are unresolved issues such as the stream not turning off when you close it. The developers are working to fix these, with resolution of freezing issues and some bugs, and the app is being cleaned up pretty fast.

    hitbox on android, new gaming app for newcomers on android


  5. Best All Around Gaming Streaming App: Twitch

    The original gaming streaming app, Twitch reached Android in big way. The app is now under Amazon, which brought this gaming streaming site to a mobile platform. The app debuted impressively, getting rave reviews from site’s loyal followers who have made the shift to the Android app. The users are mostly familiar and satisfied with the app as they have for a long time now enjoyed the site. People who have liked the site, will surely like the app.

    hitbox, original game streaming app on android, variety of game on android

     One can access a wide variety of games and systems with so many streamers. If your connection is good, the streaming is high quality, having a Chromecast support adds to its virtues with amazing audio experience and mirroring available. You can chat with other Streamers through the app. Emoji can be used in case you have an account and if the person you are talking to has it in their stream. Interactions with gamers are easy on the Android app.

  6. How To Make Your Own Stream

    You can also make your own stream, which may appear like a highly lucrative idea. All one needed to do that in past was an efficient PC with two monitors. But now, one just needs an Android smartphone and decent internet connection. You can even do it for a living, and make money off it.

However, streaming might not be as easy as it seems. The first step to become a Streamer is to get really good at one particular, popular game. Do not start streaming, if you are not good at the game you’re streaming. To understand which games are popular, download one of the apps and create an account. For example Kamcord. Now you have to select which popular game you want to play. Just look at the streaming charts and go for the top games.

Let’s say you choose Clash Royale. Now you can simply play the game from Kamcord. Go to the Kamcord app, on the right hand bottom, tap on camera. It will ask you for access to phone, tap yes and start recording. You can then start playing Clash Royale and the game shall be streamed.  Once you start getting better on the game, you will get followers. Make sure you interact with them, answering their questions and chatting in the chat box.

Which apps do you like to use to stream games on Android? Let us know below. Till then, enjoy the above apps playing games like never before.

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