Best Games To Play On Your Android in 2017

The Google Play Store is where you will find all the games you would want, and it gets a little difficult to find a game you like from the hundreds of games available. Depending on the genre, we give here a list of the best games that can be downloaded from the Play Store.


Best Sports Games On Playstore

Your favourite sports app may depend on what you like. Sports apps are hard to handle sometimes considering how much practice it takes to develop the skills to be good at any of them. In any case, here are two that you are going to like even if you are not that much into the actual sport itself.

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Golf Clash

Golf games have been around for some time, and Golf Clash is a new one on the block, but it is easier and has attracted quite a lot of dedicated gamers. The objective is to land the ball in just one hole, instead of the 9 or 18 in the other games. In case you take the same number of strokes, the outcome is decided by a one-shot closest to pin shootout.


Table Tennis Touch

This is the best of the table tennis games, and despite you having to choke up $2.99 to download it, it brings to you an almost real life experience with options to play topspin, backspin, sidespin as well powerful smashes built in with high level of precision. You can play against AI or real life opponents online, although you are supposed to play increasingly difficult tournaments against AI in the career mode.


Best Offline Games

Often, we are stuck in places where there is no Wi-Fi connection for the online games to work. Below are suggestions for the best offline games for the casual gamer, though there are some that work well both ways.


Doodle Bowling

This is a game that is best for short waits and passing time, with doodles and sketches instead of high end graphics. In this game you will find screen after screen of a scrawled game of bowling in totally different settings. By swiping upwards from the bottom, you throw the ball while left and right swiping gives the ball spin.


Shadow Fight 2

This is a more nuanced game than the all-punches games that are available on Play Store, with emphasis on form, which means that it is not about how fast you push the button or swipe, it is rather about skills to defend and block and attack as you progress through the levels. The game has a 100 million downloads and a new Shadow Fight is slated to appear this year, but it would be worth it to be playing this light, offline game in the meantime.


Best Android Puzzle Games

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Rolling Snail

This game is simple, yet quite entertaining and gets hard as the level goes by. Rolling Snail claims to be a physics based game where you are supposed to take your snail to a portal like exit to the next world by drawing line where it can move, and occasionally helping it along by dropping a stone on it and the like. If you like the occasional puzzles, this might be a good way to begin.


Diggy’s Adventure

This is one of those games that have a lot of content within them. The game consists of over a 1000 elaborate puzzles, and a lot of interesting characters with whom you will need to interact as you dig your way out of a mine or maze to escape. The game with its in-depth puzzles will keep you coming back for more.


Best Tower Defence Games

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Realm Defense

This game offers something for both the beginner and the pro, and this makes it one of the better balanced games in the genre, with no money required to be put in as long as you are willing to put in the requisite time. The game consists of 40 levels of enemies with options to upgrade and hone your abilities as you progress through the levels. There is also the option of one league game a day, but you need to pay up if you want to play more league games than that in a day.


Fieldrunners 2

This strategy game has a fun, cartoony look about it but is still unforgiving and loads of fun at the same time. There are rewards to be had at the completion of each level, depending on how much stars you earned, and these can be used in your defence in the next level. You have to decide how best to use them if you want to make it further in the game. The game is not free to download, but with $2, you get well worth your price through this game.


Best Role Playing Games(RPGs)

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If you are a fan of RPGs, the chances are that you would already be invested in some game or the other heavily. There are some fun new RPGs available on Android:


Eternium : Mage and Minions

The game works without internet once it is fully downloaded and installed, and offers endless minutes in a day without you having to spend money. The game has a wide array of characters and weapons, and you can also build your own characters. Your abilities and weapons can be upgraded in many different ways as your progress through the levels. Moving and attacking are handy, and you can make shortcuts on the screen to effect special commands that you always forget.


Chrono Trigger

This RPG has been around for a long time, as far back as 1995 released on the Super Nintendo. For $9.95, it may seem like a lot but it offers RPG fans a vintage version of a favorite game, with two additional levels that were only released as part of an update. Somewhere at the beginning of your journey, a character that befriends you will be transported to another level, and you will traverse through time, collect items and potions and slew enemies to save her, and the elaborate plot will take up hours and hours of your time.


Best Endless Runner Games

Sky Dancer

This game is much like Temple Run but much simpler, as you can either tap both sides of the screen to jump or hold down either side to slide but that is all. The game is free and there is no in-game content to purchase, although when you die the first time, you can either redeem yourself by paying in coins (that you buy) or watching an ad. The second time, you just die. The precision required to make a good landing is what sets this game apart.


Epic Skater

This isn’t a running game, instead you try to get as far as you can on your skateboard. The rewards earned allow you to change your appearance, the skateboard as well as how you perform.  The fluidity of controls that allow you ollie, kickflip and grind your way through the game are the major highlights.


Best Action Games

If action games are your fill, here is a selection of the best Android action games.


Dead Trigger 2

If you like shooting games, this is a game that provides plenty of opportunity with zombies to kill in story modes, as well as peer-to-peer play. The game has been around long enough for there to be a competent group of players who will be going against each other and there is also support for gamepads and you can also do button mapping. Finally, there is not much need for in-game purchases, which makes the game as fun as it is cheap.


Godfire : Rise Of Prometheus

The game is free for one, and still looks good enough, though not the marvel it was when it was released. The game has plenty of levels, and is more of an action thriller rather than a puzzler, though there is a puzzle at the end of every level along with level end bosses. You can acquire and upgrade weapons as you along,and the story element works well even for offline users.


Best Android Racing Games

The games below are more about quality and fun than realism or depth of play. So if you want more traditional, age old favorites, go for Asphalt: Airborne 8, CSR 2 and Real Racing 3.


Micro Machines

The game does not need any introduction to racers. You need to get a car then select a race mode and then you start racing against other players in real time around the world. You have to obviously play a lot to unlock new vehicles and new levels, or if you got moolah, you can cash that in, in exchange of getting ahead. There are two modes of the race – elimination and battle. One tests your pace and other your ability to destroy enemies. So get your hands dirty, and get on the ground.


Dirt Xtreme

If you are the one, who likes shorter races on two wheelers, we have just the game for you. In this game you will find mix of motocross and trial bike and you will be rewarded balance and control. Here, your race would be for a minute or less, which makes it perfect for quicker games when you have less time on hands. The game lets you compete with other opponents real time in career mode. And if there are not any matching duelers, you can always have a match against AI. The upgrades for the game lets the gamer collect items for multiple parts of his/her bike. Also, once you are comfortable and used to the game, switch over to manual controls, which shall enhance your experience surely.


Best Android Fighting Games

At times your only way out of frustration and anger is to release it virtually. Bash someone in a video game and feel it’s effect in the real world.

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Real Boxing 2 Rocky

This is the game for you if you are looking for realism in your fighting. Your tapping or swiping on the screen controls your swing at your opponent. And, once you have led your way forward enough, beating others in bouts, Rocky Balboa himself will have a face off with you. You can surely increase your skills and then play online against real life opponents.


Mortal Kombat X

This is another fighting series which has had people bewildered for years now. On Android, the game has simplified controls as well as a granular upgrading system, along with the famous gore and fatality moves. The fans will recognise all the characters from the previous games played on different platforms. You can ensue attack by tapping the screen. In this game you dont have standard format which is one on one game but here you will find a team of three fighters against another trio of computer or human players.


Best Android Strategy Games

These are the games people play when they are fans of Game of Thrones. You can not only plot your whole empire but conquer lands and catapult through ages with these new Strategy games.

The Battle of Polytopia

This game is all about strategy and enjoying adventure the game player explores and conquers unseen lands. You might have to fight different AI tribes while doing this. The game has cute blocks and graphics. Player will have to choose tribe for each game, which decides the adventure you get to start with. You can upgrade easily enough to not get frustrated but games can be tricky, leaving you craving more. You can also join different tribes and get different maps to decode. The game seems particularly simpler and easier than other Strategy games but it still is extremely challenging and holds interest.


Keep Kraft

This is one of the latest apps and isnt officially released yet. But you can still play the Strategy and civilisation style game offered. In this game you have to grow your own village and you start in stone age and end in modern times. Here you will need to manage your raw supply and you need to make sure that you have saved enough to keep your people happy.  Also, you would have to research newer technical and put people jobs and initiate exploratory missions to continue the process of development. The game is refreshingly new and it remains to be seen if it would be destroyed by later developments. The bonus is the two player pass and play mode.

Let us know in the comments below which game you enjoy the most on your Android.

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