Best Music Streaming App on Android – Apple Music

Android and its proud users always hold the Google Play Store to their advantage whenever it comes to operating systems. A gigantic and safe collection to download and try out so many new and different apps – Play Store in fact is one of the best things about Android. However it also has spoilt Android users with so many choices. Nowadays an app has to be judged on its reviews because no one has got enough time to try them all out.

On one hand, we have the abundance of choices, then other we have the basic requirements – like finding a good enough app to listen to our favorite songs. It might seem a not-so-difficult choice, but that surely is not the case. With so many options available, which app shall provide the best results for you can only depend on what you exactly want and need from these apps. It does not help that all of them have the similar basic features – freedom to create playlists, recommendations, searching for your favorites and exploration of new artists and songs.

However the difference lies in detailing and it can not be overlooked as these minor changes cause a big effect when it comes to music listening experience. This article is in fact another addition to our series titled Best Music Streaming Apps on Android, which has covered all our favorite apps on Android to stream music from. We have tried to bring together a list and a series of articles which are honest and detailed. We hope our articles help you in getting a clear picture and you may check out other articles in this series covering Spotify, Tidal and others as well. Here, we would be discussing Apple Music, and if you have any comments, please let us know below.

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Apple Music

Yes we know. Apple does not sound like a service provider for someone who owns an Android. You might not even know that one can use Apple Music on our beloved Android phones, and we are here to give you the happy news. You can get Apple Music on your Android – which means you can access the incredible collection of 40 millions songs that Apple has to offer. If the collection is incredible, their playlists are to die for.

You can obviously create your own playlists which will help you listen to your favorite tracks on the go, but Apple got you covered for times you do not want to put in the extra effort to personally select and create a playlist. Apple Music has thousands of playlists which have been created specifically to cover every genre, mood or event the world around.

Once you have started to listen to the music, you will begin getting special recommendations which will let you explore and come across so many different artists and songs that you surely would love given these are customised recommendations. Did we mention that you get to obviously listen to around 40 million songs ad free, which is huge. Also, you can access it online or offline, which again is great for days your data has drained. Apple Music must be your go to for creating new playlists, exploring new music, getting customized and curated playlists and listening to radio. You can also subscribe it to cancel anytime later on.

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The USP of Apple Music has to be the incredible experience it offers while dealing with playlists. You can not only search for playlists but just go to your recommendations to find the best collection of new songs, which would certainly put recommendations from any other streaming apps to shame. Apple Music is certainly the best way to get new music in your life. Which is why we think it also justifies the amount it charges for monthly subscriptions.


Apple Music Features On a Glance –

Searching one of the biggest music collections for your favorite songs
Listening offline by downloading and adding favorite songs to Library
Thousands of expert-curated, hand-picked playlists available at your disposal for every mood genre event and activity
Brilliant recommendations considering personal taste
Dozens of Radio stations with unlimited skips for different moods
Getting live or on-demand broadcasts from the best artists and DJs on Beats 1


We hope that your questions on the features Apple Music is providing are answered through this article. Let us know in comments below if there is something else you’d like to know.

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