Best Music Streaming App On Android- Spotify

Well we know that you are overwhelmed with the number of apps available in the Play Store, and so we decided to bring you an exhaustive study on our best picks for apps streaming music. These are one of the best options available to you and you can choose your music streaming app from our list according to your needs and preferences. The app that we are covering here below is Spotify. You can read all about other entries on this list in different articles as all these articles will educate you on different apps one by one from our list. We hope that your questions and doubts are answered through our articles, and in case you need anything else, let us know in the comments.


Spotify is obviously on this list given that it is one of the best apps (probably the best, if we may be that partial) for you out there. The app is the mecca for exploring and discovering new music artists and genres, and what possibly can be better than that for a music lover! It also lets you play music without a break under its genre/mood stations which is great for let’s say your next house party cause then you don’t have to worry about playing a DJ. Spotify will take care of it. This also gives you a great way to explore and discover new songs or artists according to your varying tastes and preferences. You can create customized playlists for different moods and places. You can choose and listen to your favorite albums in one go. What is more – you can share music to your preferred social media platform, or even check out what your friends are listening.

Spotify app, best music streaming app

Thus, all in all Spotify music is a one of its kind experience which you have got to try if you love music and want to savor, explore and share it in a ridiculously easy way. The app functions on social connection and has the best features available making sure your listening experience is worth its dime.


Gone are the days of cribbing about storage spaces. Or having to struggle between your laptops, phones and iPods to maintain the same playlist everywhere. Spotify lets you adapt and stream whatever you want wherever you want. You have one of the biggest music catalogues on the planet at your feet and the world of music is yours to delve into.


The app is totally free to access on mobile phone and tablets. If you want to try it then go ahead. Once installed you would have access to numerous artists and songs without paying anything. You can make your own playlists or discover new songs by playing one of the tailor made playlists that Spotify offers suiting different moods and genres. You may also explore personal recommendations that Spotify offers you. And all this you can enjoy for free on your phone and/or tablet.

And in case, you want to try the paid, premium version, be ready to cough up $9.99 each month for your subscription. However, we should make it crystal clear it to you that what you are going to be charged is each bit worth it. You can not only access the unlimited, abundant music catalogue that Spotify has, you can browse through it uninterrupted. There will be no ads bugging you before getting to listen to your favorite pick-me-up track. You also would be able to skip the songs you do not want to listen to (you can do that in unpaid version too, but there the skips are limited in number). Giddy net connection will also be taken care of as you may download the songs you love before hand making it possible for you to browse music even when you are offline. You may also opt for the family account which will let you have six individuals plugged in their own accounts for just $14.99 per month. If you have got the money, we think it is totally worth having the premium version.

Spotify music streaming, listen music on spotify app, best music streaming app

Oh, did we tell you that you can use your Spotify on your favorite Chromecast! It means now you can play and cast your music. Well, what better way to listen and enjoy your favorite tracks!?


Spotify Features on a Glance


Available for Free
Any Song/Album/Artist/Playlist on shuffle

Available for Free
Any song Any Time

Spotify features, best streaming app for music, listen music on spotify

Spotify Premium
Available at $9.99 per month
Any Song Any Time Any Where
Offline browsing available by downloading songs
Incredible sound quality
Adfree – Unlimited, unrestricted music streaming
Cancel whenever you want

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