Best Music Widgets For Your Android Device

Are you one of those people who absolutely adore music and its unlimited and uncanny abilities to make us feel good about ourselves and life? If yes, and if your Android is your lifeline, like us, you might also feel the need of better music widgets in our lives. If there could be top three things we absolutely could not do without on our Android phones, listening to music would be one of them.

However, even if we want to, we can not use one single music widget to die for on our phone. Along with our amazing wallpapers, one big music widget is what would totally go. Problem being, the regular music streaming apps have extremely non functional and boring widgets. These awful widgets do not resize well or go with our preferred themes. Moreover these usually lack the buttons we want, and have unnecessary controls we do not. Do you feel us?

Music widget, awesome music widget


Now you might be aware that usually the media player apps run in the foreground of your Android. That is why your music does not stop playing even when you go from Spotify to your mail Inbox. For your music player to run in the foreground, it is mandatory that your music player app has a continuous notification present in your notification shade. Due to this only, we can control the music even while using and being in other apps. This continuous notification is the lifeline of third party notifications.


Your notifications are read by music widgets, which gives them your current track information. Given that notification access is an all or nothing thing, it makes sense that the third party music widgets you use can extract your text messages and other sensitive notifications. So now you know why you have a warning pop up, asking for permission, every time you run these widgets. You must trust the widget fully you install.


Now, we would suggest that in place of trusting a third party widget, you can try these slicker and functional widgets. The list is created from a group of widgets we chose from a wide range available on Google Play Store to help you best.


Jack’s Music Widget – This simple music widget which is available for free (or with a $1.99 version), can make you forget all about your first party widgets with its tricks. It has many styles, and you can even enjoy the one where the album decides the color scheme. What is more exciting about using Jack is that it can pull playback information as well as control from not only the primary music player, but also of video streamers like YouTube and Netflix.

Jack's Music Widget, simple music widget


KWGT – Wanna customize it more? Head over to KWGT which is a free (or $2.99) WYSIWYG widget editor. You can build your own widget and also utilize someone else’s presets or Komponents. You also don’t need a plugging to build the music widget (unlike Zooper needs Media Utilities). Just add extra controls you like (rewind or stop), and enjoy your widget. You can play a song as per your queue and also set as your default player, even the app has stopped running in foreground.

KWGT, free music widget, extra control widget


Material Music Komponent – This free app is one of the many komponents for KWGT which you can install from the Google Play Store. Yes, you will have some problems in its placement, but it is a phenomenal music widget to use. It has different set layouts, and can be customised completely for its color. Thus you can make your widget matching with your theme or your wallpaper and you can also keep it transparent. Thus this is the prettiest widget you would get to use.

Material Music Komponent, phenomenal music widget

If you have never tried third-party music widget, please test one out and do not let your Android suffer with ugly widgets when there are so many prettier options available at your disposal. Let us know which widget you are going to use below on your Android.

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