Best Tips And Tricks For All Kodi Users

If you have been following technology and the latest apps closely, you would of course we aware about Kodi, which practically is the best app out there for streaming media. In case you have not installed it yet, we would suggest you to install it on your Android from the Play Store and get going with the latest tips and tricks we have gotten for all Kodi users.

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Getting Add Ons

If you need one platform to collect, organise and access all your media files, Kodi is your answer. Get all your photos, music files, audio, videos, whatever it is, and stream it on Kodi. But we have to tell you as you begin exploring add ons, the journey with Kodi gets way more interesting.

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Kodi does not only have an official repository for add ons, it also has customised ones which are developed by ever so vigil developer guys. Using these add ons you can stream all sorts of content on Kodi, which can include something as simple and mainstream as YouTube and some of more exciting, unheard of websites and places where you can get your hands on unlimited content. These independent repositories for add ons however can not be termed entirely safe. Illegal content is usually available there and you would have to decide wisely to keep things secure.


Getting Your Favorites Going

As we said earlier Kodi is may be the best platform out there to collect, organise and stream your media. However, you might feel finding your way through Kodi to be a little bit of a hassle.

But not to worry for Kodi has a savior for you. It is called the Favorites section. As the name suggests, add whatever you like or want to visit again and again, without a worry, to this section. You can obviously add to Favorites your favorite media files. What is special that Kodi lets you add your special add ons to its Favorites menu too. Not only add ons, but content that you like from those add ons can be added to the Favorites section. You are totally in charge here and choose whatever you feel like adding to the menu.


Watching Kodi on Chromecast

In case you have not noticed yet, Kodi right not does not provide inbuilt service to let you stream from your phone to a TV which has Chromecast. However, you might use the screen casting ability that is offered to you by Google Home app to get around this little inconvenience. Using that you can easily stream content from your phone to.your TV without the hassle of getting a new Android TV box or having to deal with lots of new connections, wires or adaptors. You might ask what exactly would be the benefit of using Chromecast and we would like to remind you the ultimate convenience you would have by having control of all the media you have (as well as the facility of streaming it to your TV) through your phone and a Chromecast. And in case you have an old Android phone you no longer use, you might as well get it to have this whole setting work best.

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Experimenting with Deep Audio Settings

Believe us the deep audio settings that Kodi has is amazing for media playback. And once you use it, you are always going to use it for streaming content or screencasting.

Kodi will let you amplify your audio to the most in case you love the roar of it. You can also include subtitles and even fine tune the audio if you feel the audio is not in sync with the video. You can easily access these audio settings while watching a video. Just go to the Settings option and then select Audio Settings from the menu.

Once you know what setting you like the most to watch videos on your home theater, just save them as default for all media. This way you would be saved the discomfort of changing your settings to your need and liking every time.


Explore the Skin Options

You can customize Kodi to define and control each and every section of streaming as per your liking given that Kodi is open source. Many of us do like Kodi as it comes with its default settings, look and way – which is basically its skin – but you can also change this skin as you wish given that you have a lot to choose from. You can go with a distinct look – a new layout, different theme – depending on how you want your Kodi to look and feel. The best example for this would be the improved skin of Kodi 17.1 (Krypton), which provides a better touchscreen control. However the user could go for a different skin in previous versions of Kodi, and have a better control on the touchscreen devices.

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Using Android as a Kodi Remote

As you might be aware that you can use Kodi perfectly on your Android TV box if you have one. However the remotes you get with those TVs are phenomenally bad. Though we have a simpler and more convenient option for you to use as the remote for Kodi – your very own Android phone. The official app that Kodi lets you use to control Kodi is called Kore. The app will work alright with Kodi 14.0, and the slick features for this app include but are not limited to showing whatever is being played at that moment as well as other relevant information. You can control your playlists, even download and change subtitles with this app. In fact you can also use your phone to type text on Kodi via this app, which will prove a boon whenever you have to search for an add on given that the on screen keyboard will mostly give you a tough time.

Using Android as a Kodi Remote, android phone as kodi remote

This amazing, time saving and convenient app for Kodi, Kore needs both of your devices to be logged on to the same network, given which it will take you through its set up process. You just have to then go to the Settings on Kodi and choose Services. You will find a section called Control there, select Allow Remote Control via HTTP and you are all set to use your Android as your Kodi remote.


Bonus Kodi Resources

These above tips and tricks will make you experience Kodi in a better and improved manner, however there is a lot which can not be covered all here in one article. Following are some of the resources that you must check out to enjoy Kodi like never before-

Kodi.TV – head here if you want to visit the official home of Kodi on internet. You will find all about new releases, and other relevant information about add ons and issues that you might be facing here.

Kodi Subreddit – this is one of the greatest resources to debate and discuss Kodi and understand and utilize it to the maximum. If you have any points you’d like to clear about Kodi add ons, head over to /r/Addons4Kodi. – here you will find one of the best unofficial add ons for Kodi, which will surely make your experience like never before.


Trust VPN – as you might know by now, using VPN is always a better option while streaming which will ensure no security or legality issues. You will find an extremely useful guide to make better use of Kodi here. Click Here to get started with a VPN.

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Let us know which one of these resources you have used. Also, if there are some points we missed and you’d like to share with us, please comment below.

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