Best Tips and Tricks For Android Chromecast Streaming

Chromecast is one of the newest Google successes of this decade. Launched in 2013, the device can cast content from your phone or tablet to the big screen effortlessly. Its tiny and compact size along with the matte black finish is another hit with the users. The Chromecast looks and appears to be a very simple device which gets it extra marks for utility; still the device has a number of advanced features available for the professionals and once you’re in the game, it is absolutely necessary that you enjoy it as much as you can. Following are our pick of best tips and tricks that make using Chromecast that will make streaming on your Android with Chromecast better –


Use the Guest Mode

Have your tried the Guest mode on Chromecast yet! The guest mode means your friends can share content to the stick along with you. When the Guest Mode is turned on, everyone on the same wifi can share content to the dongle via a PIN. You can easily turn it on by going to Google Home app menu, choosing Devices, and then Chromecast and then Guest Mode. You just then have to share the PIN with everyone using the WiFi.

Use guest mode, share content along with



Know More About Your Wallpaper

Noticed the eye catching pictures Chromecast displays when idle? Well. We have. And guess what. You can also know more about these pictures by simply opening your Google search and asking “what’s on my Chromecast?”. By tapping on the view links inside the Google Home app, you can check the source of the picture on Google maps or Google + along with whoever posted it.


Put Up Your Personal Photos

Not liking the background much? Well, you can easily put out your own pictures on display. Go to Devices in Google Home app, then select your device and go to Backdrop. Turn the option of Persons Photos to on – and select what you want to see, easily.


TV is Your Dashboard Now

Now one can easily use Chromecast to make TV multitask by converting it to a dashboard. You can access your calendar, daily news, weather and even notes from your TV. Just go and install the Dashboard Cast App on your phone and your Chromecast is good to go.


You can also add items to your Dashboard and customize it as per your need and preference. Just go to the app and select on the add “+” button and go about adding every widget you want to be there on your Dashboard. Also, it is very easy to give your Dashboard a personalized feel. Simply click on the side menu (three dots) and then tap and move the widgets to arrange in your preferred order. When you are done, just click the OK button and you are good to go. You can even select the theme of the Dashboard. You can repeat this process to customize any of the widgets in your personal dashboard, changing colors and/or background. Good luck, experimenting.


Use Chromecast via 3G or 4G

Chromecast is not only perfect for streaming at home but anywhere. All you need to ensure is a stable internet connection. And even if the wifi is not working, you can use your 3G/4G network to make sure you can use the device just the same. You can –


  • Use Two phones. Make one of them your wifi connection. And use another to set up Chromecast.

  • Mirror. Yes, you can mirror the content you’re streaming on your phone directly to Chromecast without a wifi. Making it possible for you to use your normal mobile network to stream continuously.

  • Make your own WiFi. Yes, take your computer and use your phone’s network to create a broadband connection which then your Chromecast can use. Both Windows 10 and iOS have access points which will let you use your PC as a modem.

  • You may also use your smartphone and create an access point that is the same as that already configured in your Chromecast. Which will thus let your Chromecast connect to your phone and stream.


Find Apps Compatible with Chromecast

You may also go with apps that are specifically designed to work with Chromecast. There has been a special page created by Google which will let you easily find the app of your desire. Once you are using a compatible app, you can cast the content to your nearby dongle. Most apps will still let you control the content from your phone or tablet.


Mirror Your Android

Yes, you can send a live stream of your Android to Chromecast, thus displaying photos or playing games an incredible experience. All you need to do is go to Settings and from Display menu, select Cast screen.

mirroring android through chromecast


Operate Chromecast at 50 Hz HDMI Mode

Set up your Chromecast at 50 Hz HDMI Mode which will let you stream live programs without the regular jitters. This frequency is very common in Europe and Asia, making it good for travel. To set up, head to your Google Home app, and from the home page, go to Device. Once there, select your device card and go to Settings and select Screen. Select 50 Hz in HDMI option. If it does not work immediately, restart your phone once.


Watch your VR content on TV

You can now transfer your VR content to your TV thanks to Chromecast. Things you need – your smartphone, TV, Chromecast, along with a VR headset Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR, etc.  You just need to have your phone and Chromecast connected to the same network. Just go to Google Home app menu and cast Audio/Video. Now everything on your phone can be seen on your TV.

VR content on Tv, android chromecast stream


Facing Problems : Reset

If your Chromecast is running in problems, just reset. Go to Google Home app on your android and reset the dongle to ensure it works normally again.

Above points are simple tips and tricks that will let you stream on your Android using Chromecast a dream. Let us know which ones you find the best in comments below.

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