Best Tips and Tricks To Improve Android Call Quality


Technology is as much about software as it is about hardware, and sometimes we learn it the hard way. The smartphones we have become reliant on for continuous social media exposure, and texting, are at times used for calling others as well. And it is during a call that we understand and realise the important of hardware used in a system. Though we have come a long way from where telephone started originally, but still the progress is lagging behind that of the software. Following are the five elements that you absolutely need to say bye to if you want to enjoy your next phone call to the most -How To Improve Call Quality On Your Android Phone In Five Smart Ways

Technology is as much about software as it is about hardware, and sometimes we learn it the hard way. The smartphones we have become reliant on for continuous social media exposure and texting are at times used for calling people as well. And it is during a call that we realise that the importance of hardware on our phone. Though we have come a long way from when telephones started , the progress seemingly lags behind that of software. Following are the five elements you might want to get rid of for a great call quality the next time you need to call in on an important meeting or the dinner with your mother.

1. The Ear Piece

One of the most important hardware for good call quality, or a call at all, this has come a long way over the years. From introducing water-resistant ear pieces to elimination of the ear piece with the tissue conduction vibrating screen in some high-tech phones, manufacturers have grappled with maintaining quality for good audio. Following are some problems and suggested solutions you can adopt if you think it is the earpiece that is the root of your trouble understanding what your boss is saying on the phone.

  1. A gradual decrease in quality over the years is usually associated with dust and grease in the ear piece. If you can remove it manually, it would be well and good but you may also take it to the service centre if you can not get to it safely.
  2. Misplaced screen protectors and guards are one of the top reasons for bad call quality. If it is partially obstructing the earpiece, less sound will come out. Make sure that you use a screen guard that is for the model of phone you are using.
  3. Sometimes, the cases that come with phones for protection also end up obstructing the earpiece. You should remove the case to see if the call quality improves, and opt for a different case if they do.

The Microphone

A two-way conversation requires what you are saying to travel to the other person as well, and not just what you are saying. Mics are getting better all the time on smartphones, and phone are now using multiple mics to reduce noise and interference and improve the call quality in general.

  1. Again, the mic hole may be blocked with dust and other things that accumulate over time. You can try to remove them by inserting a very small needle into the hole (the mic hole is usually very small). However, you should not try too hard and take the phone to a professional to avoid damaging the phone yourself.
  2. Also, guard against cases or screen guards that might block the mic hole. Use screen guards and cases that are built specifically for the model of your phone, as this will ensure that all orifices are open to function.


The way calls function is your voice signal is converted into electrical signals, which are in turn converted into radio waves that are beamed to the receiver station, which undoes all the conversion to produce the sound waves that originally started the journey. Now, there may be equipment and other factors that may interfere when you are talking on the phone.

  1. If you are in the basement, radio waves have a hard time penetrating walls and ceilings, and this may lead to decreased call quality. This is the reason why calls work much better when you are outside or at least on the ground floor.
  2. Electrical equipment or machinery that produces strong magnetic fields interferes with the signals and makes the sound quality bad. You might want to avoid such instruments when you are on the phone.

Bad Coverage

The quality of your network coverage is also a big factor in the quality of your calls. If the area where you are in is not covered, or if the tower placement is a bit off, there will be places where cell phone network will be bad. Make sure that the network provider you opt for works in your area.

Do Not Use Hands

Using hands free is a good choice, as it lets you use two ears to listen to the other person instead of just one. This is the easiest way to improve the call quality without having to spend any time or resources. There is always a pair of hands free that you get with your Android phone, but there are also other options that you can choose from.