Best User Interface For Android Devices In 2017

Android has proven to be one of the more trusted operating platform all over the world. And the Android loyalists are always on the look out for the next best device in the market. Given that the players are so many in this high competition market, we totally understand that you are confused which device to prefer over the other. And that is why we have brought you the list of the devices released this year so far with their specifications and their key factors, which will help you in selecting your next Android device.


  1. Samsung TouchWiz

    Samsung is undoubtedly the most popular smartphone manufacturer. Given that the company beat the cell phone giant Nokia with their early adaptation to Android, it is surprising that it still relies mainly on its tried and tested TouchWiz. The manufacturer offers also its own version of AI called Bixby, which is a competition to its contemporaries like Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Assistant. The manufacturer has produced its top devices with Game Launcher, which not only records games, but also suppresses notification and other background services when you are playing. The feature ensures complete immersion in the game and world class experience. You have modes for greater performance and battery saving in its high end devices. The company has almost monthly security updates released, which has made it one of the most secure and safe manufacturers in the market.

    Samsung TouchWiz, most popular smartphone

  2. Huawei EMUI

    The manufacturer Huawei has now presented its launcher’s portfolio with app drawer, something that had been absent for quite some time now. Your phone’s camera shall have comprehensive profile modes, ensuring your pictures have a unique character. As Huawei uses machine learning-supported memory optimization. That further means the apps you use most frequently, can be opened quickly than other apps. This practically means you have a as quick a device as you had when you first used it, even after months of endless use. Of course, updates are there, but less frequent and mainly with new features or improvement to the existing array of functions that your device might be performing.

    Huawei EMUI, quick working smartphone, powerful battery backup

  3. HTC Sense

    The new HTC U11 boasts of squeeze gestures and the other thing it boasts about is sense companion. The first feature lets you basically squeeze the device in your hands to start an app or a function of the smartphone. While on the other hand, the latter – Sense Companion – is meant to primarily work as an AI assistant, and learn the way you use your device, and then eventually help you use your phone based on it. However, nothing special can be said about this feature as it has not yet performed anything different. HTC  comes with frequent updates and new versions of its software. Though, at times you might have to postpone your updates given the high frequency of updates. The devices, specially the high end range, has proved to improve its user experience continuously.

    HTC sense, immense camera quality, great working smartphone

  4. LG UX

    LG has superb slim looks with lightly optimised dual screen mode. This ensures lesser display errors because of incompatible apps. The manufacturer has stopped its own add-ons that were not present by Google or Android standards. A cool feature is the app recycling bin which keeps your uninstalled/deleted apps on your smartphone for 24 hours after being removed. However LG is not that forthcoming with updates. It is usually noted that LG is one of the last ones to provide an update being ridiculously slow with large version changes.

    LG UX, superb slim look smartphone, lesser display error smartphone

  5. Google Pixel UI (with Android O)

    Pixel now has the same features which are available for Nexus devices with same software version meaning no stock Android. However special features include Google Assistant for search, help as well as smart phone control. The phone also provides unlimited storage in Google Photos for high resolution photos. The eye grabber is the fact that you can try out the new Android O (beta version) on your new Pixel device. However no one can argue that Pixel is the way to the best Android experience with pure Google features and the quickest updates on your system.

    Google Pixel UI (with Android O), smartphone with ultimate storage

  6. Sony Xperia UI

    The long standing electronics giant Sony has brought out an Android phone whose interface is eerily similar to the original. The main differences are the startup screens, app drawer and keyboard, even after a number of comparable improvements. Also notable is the assistant Sony offers to free up space. The company is giving timely updates for its top devices, but the camera app is broken and not clear. And given the extremely good camera hardware that Sony uses, the app does not live up to the expectations.

    Sony Xperia UI, long standing electronics giant smartphone

All in all, there are some devices that have true value to their version of Android, and every manufacturer has tried to provide their best to the user. What is noteworthy is that on one hand manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei and Google have incredible features added to their devices, which are apparent and on the face, companies like HTC and Sony are making good phones, but with not so many visible remarkable features. It is at the end of the day your choice and we believe the list above will really help you to choose your Android from the releases of 2017.

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