Blu-ray Finalization Methods: Recorder And Software


High-quality, high-capacity Blu-ray discs have become increasingly popular for recording with excellent picture quality. As devices that can play and record Blu-rays have also become more prevalent, many people wonder whether finalizing is necessary for Blu-ray discs, just like it was for DVDs. This article explains whether finalization is required for Blu-rays and provides information on software and methods for easy finalization, offering guidance for those seeking clarification on the topic.

What is Finalization?

Finalization is the process of preparing a recorded or dubbed DVD created with a recorder as a finished product. Typically, DVDs recorded or dubbed using a recorder cannot be played on other devices. This is because, without finalization, the DVD remains in a writable state.

Since the data arrangement of the video is not organized, it cannot be played on other devices. Finalization organizes the data of the recorded video, making it compatible with both the read-only player and the recorder. This ensures that the DVD can be loaded as data that can be played on other devices.

However, it’s important to note that finalization is not necessary for some types of DVDs, including DVD+RW, DVD-RW, and DVD-RAM. These DVDs are rewritable and do not require finalization.

For DVD+RW, menu writing is automatically performed when recording or dubbing and ejecting the disc. DVD-RW may not require finalization when played on compatible devices, but in cases of short recording times, finalization may be necessary, so be cautious.

Additionally, both DVD+RW and DVD-RW may require finalization depending on the recorder used. Refer to the instructions provided with your equipment to determine whether finalization is needed.

DVD-RAM, on the other hand, is a format tailored for recording and dubbing on a computer. While with DVD+RW and DVD-RW, you need to erase all the content before rewriting, DVD-RAM allows file-based rewriting, making it more user-friendly. If you want to keep non-broadcast recording data on a DVD, DVD-RAM is recommended.

Is Finalization Necessary for Blu-ray?

Do you need to finalize a Blu-ray, known for its large recording capacity and high-quality video and audio?

In general, finalization is not required for Blu-ray. This is because Blu-ray uses a different disc format compared to DVDs.

With Blu-ray, after recording or dubbing, you can play the disc directly on other devices without the need for finalization.

However, there are certain Blu-ray recorders or computers where, due to the recording format and other factors, playback may not be possible without finalization. In such cases, finalization is necessary.

2.1 When Is Finalization Necessary

In the case of Blu-ray, there is rarely a need for finalization, but if we must specify a scenario, it would be when you’ve created a Blu-ray using recording modes other than DR (Data Rate).

This typically applies to situations where you’ve recorded content from an external tuner or when you’ve recorded content with the intention of conserving storage space, rather than simply recording high-definition programs or those with multiple audio tracks and subtitles.

When you use recording modes other than DR, it is advisable to finalize the disc to ensure compatibility with other devices. Finalizing the disc makes it playable on various devices. Therefore, it’s a good practice to remember that when you’ve recorded in these modes, finalization should be performed.

However, when you’ve recorded in DR mode, finalization is not always necessary. This is because finalizing the Blu-ray would make it more difficult to change the contents of the saved data. Only finalize the disc when you are sure you don’t need to change the data.

2.2 Differentiating Between Blu-ray Standards

Blu-ray discs come in two main standards: BD-R and BD-RE. Are you aware of the difference between these standards?

For BD-R, once data is written, it cannot be overwritten. You can append data if there is available space, but to do this, you need to finalize the disc. If you mistakenly finalize it, appending data becomes impossible.

BD-RE allows approximately 1,000 to 10,000 write cycles. However, when you write new data, it overwrites existing data, effectively erasing the original content.

One key characteristic of BD-RE is that it doesn’t support finalization at all. Given these conditions, if you want to ensure that certain data remains unchangeable and always intact, BD-R is the way to go. On the other hand, if you want to use the disc in a recorder without interference or making changes to the data without finalization, BD-RE is more suitable.

Introduction to Blu-ray Finalization Methods

Next, let’s explore the methods for finalizing ブルーレイコピー discs. You can easily finalize Blu-ray discs using a recorder or dedicated software.

3.1 Finalization Using a Recorder

In Sony and SHARP recorders, finalization is usually an automated process. However, Panasonic recorders require manual finalization.

The method may vary depending on your recorder’s model, but generally, you can start by selecting “Home,” “Start,” “Function List,” or “Function List/Reservation List.” Then, choose “Using Media” and press “OK.”

Navigate to “Blu-ray (BD)” -> “BD Management” and select “Other BD Device Playback (Finalize).” Confirm by pressing “Yes” or “Execute,” and the finalization process will begin.

The time taken for finalization can vary, with some finishing in a few minutes and others taking up to an hour. It’s important to note that the finalization process cannot be interrupted once started.

3.2 Finalization Using Dedicated Software

You can also finalize Blu-ray discs using dedicated software on your computer. Several software options are available, and the steps may vary depending on the software you choose.

Here, we’ll provide detailed instructions for finalization using “ImgBurn” and “DVDFab Blu-ray Copy.”


ImgBurn is a versatile disc burning software that can handle various formats of video data for both DVDs and Blu-rays. It allows you to create image files based on files or folders, verify the contents being written, copy discs, and erase the contents of rewritable discs, among other features.

One notable characteristic of ImgBurn is its user-friendly and simple interface. To finalize a Blu-ray disc using ImgBurn, you can start by selecting “Create Image File from Disc.”

Next, insert the Blu-ray disc containing the video data you want to finalize into your optical drive. Ensure that you’ve confirmed the “Destination” and “Image File Name” settings are correct. Then, click the button at the bottom left of the software window (with an icon of a disc and an arrow). This will trigger the process, and a progress gauge will be displayed.

When the gauge reaches 100%, it indicates that the creation of the disc’s image file in the specified location is complete. Once it reaches 100%, return to the initial screen and choose “Write Image File to Disc.”

Select the folder icon for “Source” and choose the data file you created earlier in the folder tree. Remove the Blu-ray disc that you previously inserted for imaging from your optical drive and replace it with a blank disc. When the blank disc is recognized, click the icon button that appears at the bottom left.

The gauge displayed will reach 100%, signaling the completion of the finalization process.

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy

Now, let’s explore the finalization process using DVDFab Blu-ray Copy.

Unlike ImgBurn, which has somewhat complex steps, DVDFab Blu-ray Copy makes finalization easier. Finalization is automatically performed along with data writing.

Begin by downloading and installing DVDFab Blu-ray Copy.

After launching the software, select your source. Double-click the DVDFab icon, choose your data from the program, and click “Copy” on the software interface. Insert the disc you want to read into your optical drive.

Next, choose “Blu-ray Copy” and select the “Copy Mode” for your output video. Click “Start,” and the software will copy the content and perform finalization simultaneously.

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy offers a range of features beyond this simple operation. It allows for high-quality compression of Blu-rays, saving content to your hard drive in ISO format, and creating lossless backups. You can customize your selection of titles and chapters and combine multiple BD contents into one.

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy offers many functionalities, making it an excellent choice for removing Blu-ray copy protection and creating backup copies. The program is user-friendly, even for those new to Blu-ray finalization.


In summary, we’ve discussed the necessity of finalization for Blu-rays and provided detailed information about how to finalize using a recorder or dedicated software. While Blu-rays usually don’t require finalization, there are specific scenarios where it may be needed. Using the methods introduced here, you can ensure your disc is read-only, which is essential for compatibility with various playback devices. The ブルーレイ リッピングソフト method is particularly straightforward and offers extensive customization options, making it a satisfying choice for many users. There is also a free version available for trial, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.