Check Out The Top Five Features Essential Phone Comes With


We have already talked about the Essential phone launch and you might be aware that it was one of the most eagerly waited for devices this year. It has been in news since the first announcement was made some time back. Though the phone was released after a lot of waiting, we think it is time to analyze whether or not you should pre order your first Essential phone. The phone developed by Android creator Andy Rubin captures the imagination of those who are bored of their Galaxys and iPhones. Read on to know our analysis of the top five feature Essential boasts of –

Look, Design and Build

First things first, the phone claimed of a top class premium look and feel, and it sure passes that test. The phone comes with a titanium body, which is a variation from the typical Aluminum bodies. Its glossy ceramic case makes up for the oomph factor, along with the fingerprint sensor and dual camera on the back. The handset offers its titanium body as a cover for all those times you had your phone accidentally slip and its screen broken – this is something that will happen surely lesser with Essential. Its design is somewhat similar to the Xiaomi Mi Mix, having flat sides makes it comparatively easy to handle this device. The phone feels safe in the hands, almost as if it would not slip at all, however, having a ceramic back does increase its chances of slipping off rough surfaces.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Design


We know that Xiaomi Mi Mix was good, but having a front facing camera at the bottom of the phone was sure a design flaw. Here, Essential team has taken care of that and provided a screen which is unlike everything you might have seen. The display (we are taking our chances with IPS, but unconfirmed), is in quad HD resolution and has an aspect ratio of 19:10. The screen is spread all over the device, which means even the front camera sits inside the screen.

Andy Rubin in a session with reporters did confirm that the phone had the highest screen to body ratio for any smartphone till date with a whooping eighty five percent. The phone has bezels on its side as well as top which means the screen space has been optimised. As we were saying, the camera which sits inside the screen, is actually a bit into the notification area. And it is unlike any other phone in the market. The little dip featuring the camera is blended so well in the design of the phone (and the notification area) that we are surprised why no one ever thought of it before. It sure is a clever, unique and incredible design for a smartphone of this generation.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Display


Enough about the front camera – let’s talk about the real player of the device here. Its dual rear camera has its own advantages and attractions. The camera has two sensors – a monochrome one and an RGB one, which means that your color photos get amazing details in them. And the black and white ones are not just a filter, but authentic monochrome pictures. The pictures taken feature lots of details and have incredible sharpness, making its camera a real big deal.

It phone comes with a 13MP monochrome sensor, which means your black and white images on this phone are going to be way better than on any other phone, even heavyweights like Galaxy S8 or OnePlus 5 which both have black and white filters, resulting in noisy photographs. The color sensor again is 13MP and images clicked are detailed and incredible. The app is simple and user friendly, making sure even novices would be able to click great pictures. We however though miss a manual mode, which would be a great help in customising shots for those who want it.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Camera

Expanding the Device

The phone offers the option of attaching useful accessories, one of which is the incredible 360 camera. You might use other camera apps, but to use the additional accessories, you would have to return to the default app. You would find two connectors near the camera where you can connect wireless accessories. The connectors work better than other standard connector phones with higher accuracy and speed in connecting the accessories.

These connectors are responsible for direct data transfer to the phone. You can use this connector to customize your Essential experience and use a 4K 360 camera, which is small enough to fit in your pocket, to connect to Essential and use the opened camera app to try out different 360 degree variations. The camera however does not come with its own power source and would feed off the power from Essential.

You can take 360 pictures and videos using this, as well as stream 360 directly using the camera along with your phone. You get a data throughput speed of 600 MB per second given the LTE+ connectivity, meaning no problem live streaming up to 4K 360 videos. The cameras are small and these 360 cameras have customized ISP through which these can communicate with Essential. The pictures taken are crisp, sharp as well as natural, with almost no warping or banding, something which is absent from standard 360 cameras.

Connectors with Essential open up a world of possibilities like the Wireless Charging Dock, and the company has promised to launch one such device every month. These accessories are wireless instead of being connected physically – something which the Moto Mods do – and this will let this accessories be relevant even when the design of Essential would change with time, something which Andy Rubin explained as well.


Andy Rubin created Android, something which obviously affects the software experience of the device. Rubin came up with the device keeping in mind the fact that a customer should have enough freedom, and that is why the phone has no branding – and its software as well as hardware is as good as any other flagship devices of the year. The software is a pure Android feel, created with consumers in mind. You get around a dozen pre installed apps from the Essential team and getting your Sprint SIM card loaded will only get you one or two extra apps.

This leads to a world class experience which is a challenge for other phones out there. The pure Android is the answer for all those who wanted an alternative to Pixel. The phone will get updates as time goes by and we are sure it will age great. The phone is going to be in the race neck to neck with other pure Android devices like the Pixel and Nexus, which is a big achievement and is going to convince many to pre order their phone already.

The device is unique and interesting given its wonderful take on hardware as well as software portion of the device, and is going to define the smartphone experience for many users. Have you ordered Essential? If yes, why? If no, what is stopping you from trying out this phone – comment below.