Did You Know About the Weed Strains Netflix Got?

So we all have been closely following the revolution that Netflix alone has brought in the world of online streaming. The organisation which started as the video distribution services (using distinctive and pretty red envelopes) has become to be the face of the video streaming services worldwide. You have to be living under a rock if you have not already heard of Netflix and Chill – and all other jokes and cultural references that the service has established in a short span of time.

Surprisingly, Netflix just turned twenty and we can not explain in words how amazing this journey has been. Moreover, like most young people Netflix also is now going through a weird stint which we hope is not brief and is welcomed all around. The company now has decided to get in the business of providing customized marijuana strains in California. Moreover, these leaves are now supposed to be tailored to enhance the experience of sitting, relaxing and watching Netflix obviously.

As it is being reported these weed strains have actually been influenced and inspired by Netflix’s own in house shows which have cracked the audiences up for years now. The list includes big hits like Orange is the New Black, Bojack Horseman and Lady Dynamite – shows that people all over the world are binging on as their Netflix nightly rituals. The company has stated that the strains developed are produced keeping in mind different but specific shows, so that the strains goes well with the show itself and its tone. (We frankly want a House of Cards one, which would surely be amazing – finally being able to smoke up with Frank and Claire Underwood).

Whether or not you appreciate this innovative move by Netflix, you can not deny the interest it is going to spark in young viewers. It might be the very first time a mainstream, powerhouse, big money churning, corporation is putting these many efforts into the field of developing marijuana itself. We understand that this is going to be just a limited stunt to promote one show or other – or the platform itself, but the step itself is just so incredible and bold that we are in awe of Netflix right now. Also, this all happening when the President’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions has outrightly and continuously talked about weed and the legal status it has acquired in some states of the country – and his intentions to take back those reforms and legislations which have contributed in making pot smoking legal to various levels.

On the other hand, Netflix is doing this Mary Jane stunt to promote a new show by the name of Disjointed. The show which is going to be of an half hour in length per episode actually got released on Friday. Funnily, the show has already met with negative reviews and has been put down by critics – CNN going to the level of calling it unwashed bong. The show has been created by famous Chuck Lorre who also is the brain behind hit sitcoms Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory – two shows which actually stand witness to the fact of network audiences going gaga over disconnected comedies, having laugh tracks in the background. Both the shows have gained serious fan following over the years, and profited their creator and casts a lot. When it comes to Disjointed however, it can not be yet claimed if the formula is going to work over here as well because of the Netflix viewers who might need to get pretty high to go through these pretty nonsensical laugh riots.

You may note that if you are reading this article, you might have missed your date of getting promotional weed for Disjointed, which was to be sold on Sunday at a pop up shop situated in the Alternative Herbal Health Services dispensary at West Hollywood.

Oh, and yes, we have confirmed this piece of totally other worldly news from Netflix, and it is a cent percent real. Happy Stoning!