Easy Guide To Remove Annoying Logger Icon On Your Android Screen


Sometimes users are getting annoying blue circle logger icon on their Android screen and you can’t even click on it with your remote control. If you will go into Kodi or in any other Application it will remain there on your screen. So if you don’t know how to remove this annoying logger icon then follow this simple guide and you will be able to remove it from your Android screen.

Disable Annoying Logger Icon

Follow the below instructions to Remove Annoying Blue Circle Logger Icon On your Android Screen:

01. From the Home Screen of your device go into Apps

02. Click on Es File Explorer

03. Now click on Settings option that you can see on the top left side of your screen

04. Click on Logger Floating Widget Settings

05. Now you need to Uncheck Logger Floating Widget by just clicking on it

That is it! Blue Circle Logger Icon will be no more on your Android screen

If you still face issues in removing Blue Circle Logger Icon on your Android screen then feel free to contact us on Live Chat or Email([email protected])