Everything We Know About New Chrome 60 Released By Android

Hey people, good news for all of you Android users – there is a new Chrome version out in market released by Google called Chrome v60. The new updated version has a new search widget added along with a Paint Timing API and brand new payment options. You would know that this new Chrome 60 version had already been outed for different platforms like Mac, Windows and Linux last week, but now, the Android version is here as well. Obviously the new search widget is a big deal for Chrome lovers as it has a new entry method which would make URL entries faster. This coupled with the other changed features sure has made Chrome 60 something to look out for. Read out to know more about this latest Chrome version by Google, which we are sure is going to up your browser experience.

Google Chrome 60

Chrome 60


First things first, the search widget that Google has introduced in this Chrome 60 version will let you search for URLs by clicking on the widget simply. You can put in the web addresses you want to go to and just click on the widget. Whatever then your default search engine is, will perform the search. – which is something Google had to come up with after it got fined in Russia to protect their local companies which are basically its competitors.


We would really say however that this widget is indeed remarkable given that you can directly perform searches or go to websites by clicking on it. It will also let you search Chrome by speech recognition. The widget is typical 4*2 in size, and if you feel like you can resize it, making it smaller like 1*1 or making it large enough to fit your home-screen. You may also find another feature in the omnibox clipboard which will provide u with Link You Copied which is basically any URL you might have copied recently. It also has URL suggestions now.

google Chrome 60

Chrome 60


Chrome will also let the users now select whichever service they want to use to pay, instead of the earlier default option. Yes, that is right you get access to all the standard payment apps, which will mean your checkout forms would let you choose whichever option you want to select to pay. You may note that in past, Samsung browser had Samsung Pay as default payment option, while Chrome obviously worked out Android Pay to be the default payment service – which would change now, as we, users, would have the choice to go with any payment service.

The other cool feature that Chrome 60 boasts of is Paint Timing API. Yes, your browser will now mark the point at which it starts to show something, that is primarily whatever the first part of content on your device screen is. Also, you can now decide which fonts you want the content to appear in before it is downloaded.


And your website will load these fonts faster than ever before, this will let the developers to be specific in deciding how the content is displayed on Chrome. Please note that web integration API also means that your web pages can now actually vibrate your devices, however that should not be a concern for Chrome 60 users which will make sure that no unnecessary advertisements send you device in a vibration spiral. It will apparently block pages which vibrate the device until and unless you actually tap on the page. Now, there is a warning about incognito on the desktop version, but nothing about that on the Android one, so you can rest easy about that.

The Chrome 60 is out, but it is still not there on the Play Store, which means we would have to wait some time, but we hope it is soon enough. Let us know in comments below how you found the new Chrome 60 and what other changes you would want on your browser.

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