Fix Unfortunately App Has Stopped Working Errors

One of the most debilitating problems that Android users, both beginner and advanced, face is when ‘Unfortunately this app has stopped working’ error pops up and the app you are using suddenly closes. This is one of the most annoying things that users face and it might be possible to avoid facing this error by trying a few simple things. We give here a list of what users can do if the error keeps popping up once too often and disrupts normal operation of your app.

Clear the application’s storage. This is a common trouble with apps such as Contacts, Gallery or the common launcher apps. It is easy to fix the errors in case of these apps. The first step is to open the Settings on your phone and then go to Applications > Application Manager, where you can swipe left till you chance upon the All tab. You should now find the problematic app by scrolling down and then tap on it, where you will be able to get options of Clear Data and Clear Cache options. The first thing that you can try is clearing the cache, which deletes all the saved data(which actually helps load the app a little quicker when you launch it). Clearing the cache of the app will mean the app will load a little slower but ultimately your main problem might be solved. If clearing the cache does not work you might want to try clearing the data which erases all data of the app including all files, settings and signed in accounts. You should clear the data only after you have tried clearing the cache and your problem is not resolved, as this will cripple the functionality of your app.

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Uninstall and reinstall the app : This is the next step that you can try if the app does not work even after clearing the cache and data is to uninstall and reinstall the app. This you can do from the Google Play Store if the app is not built-in, which you can do by opening the Google Play Store where you can find the menu bar to the left side, then tap on My Apps and find the problematic app. Hit Uninstall and after that is done, you can install it again by finding it in the Google Play Store.

Turn the app on and off again : Short of a full factory reset, you can try a softer version where you can restart your device. This is easy to do and has actually proven to be quite effective in resolving the issue. Turning the phone off and on again power recycles your smartphone, it is actually a great idea to restart your phone (or power it down for a few minutes) every few days as this will resolve a host of issues on your phone whether they are unexpected closing of your app, network issues, audio or email.


Factory Reset : Resetting your phone is the last resort to fix an app that closes unexpectedly, and you will obviously be required to backup all data and apps on your phone beforehand. A factory reset wipes off all data on your device and returns the phone back to factory defaults, which will remove with it all the bugs that might be plaguing your phone. All apps and data can be restored from the backup easily after the reset.

There might be a greater problem if the Google Play Store app itself is mis-performing, and the solution to the problem may actually be a little more involved. The first step is to obviously try clearing up the cache and then the data if the former does not do it, and if that does not work, you should try uninstalling any Play Store updates that might have introduced bugs. These steps should be applied one by one if you want to preserve your Play Store preferences.

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