Get Creative – More GIFs With Facebook Camera

Social Media Platforms have totally revolutionized the ways of modern living. We as a generation are addicted (or more polite, dependent) on our smartphones and the multiple apps that come with it. This communication revolution has changed the ways we connected to other living beings. Now, talking is not the only option left for most of us, we can text – send audio messages, video messages, pictures or emojis to express what we really feel.

Platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook have introduced their users to new techniques and ways of going about their lives. One such introduction has now been made by Facebook once more. The company headed by Mark Zuckerberg is all ready to have its basic Android mobile app get revamped. A user now can go Live on the app, share text posts that are screensize with their friends on Facebook, and even create GIFs of two seconds length. This all and much more can be done just by using the Camera feature that Facebook had launched in March.

Facebook Camera build in Gifs

Facebook Camera

Facebook, which has come a long way since its first days, is one of the biggest tech companies all around the world. Flaunting one of the biggest user base in the world of websites, the company has its eyes set on increasing the number day by day. For the same, the company had launched Facebook Camera which was supposed to boost the feature of Facebook Stories (something with Facebook owned Instagram also boasts of – and basically is heavily inspired by Snapchat).


The goal was to come up with creative filters, live masks and customized frames which a user could use while making videos and clicking pictures. You may note that the feature of Stories was first started by another social media app SnapChat where users use their photo/video messages to be sent to people added to them – and these messages or Snaps disappear after twenty four hours. Though the company has said that people have used its latest tool to share videos and pictures of themselves, it still can not be confirmed if any boost in usage was registered. Another feature which is called Live, allows users to record as well as share a video real time, which basically means broadcasting a video while it is getting recorded.


Facebook Camera will let people use different features like filters and other tools to impart the desired effect to the live video. Any video that has been broadcasted live by you, will also feature in your Stories, where your friends would be able to view it. One can even share a live video on their timeline simply by clicking on Post once they have gone live. Using an Audience Selector filter, a person can decide who they want to watch the video and who they do not. Last but not the least is the GIF feature which lets you create GIFs using your photos. Moreover, the technique is fast and simple.


You just have to open your camera by swiping left (something which is there in Instagram app too) and from the upper region of your screen, select the option which says to record your GIF. There was a pilot testing conducted in July when some users could actually use the GIF creator which had appeared on their Facebook camera. This feature basically creates two second long looping videos, which again can be showcased in your Stories. Or Newsfeed. Or directly. You can also make screen size text posts now using Facebook camera with a background of your choice. One last update that Facebook Camera has is the same feature that Instagram has which will let you share multimedia disappearing after twenty four hours.


Stay on a lookout as the app would be updated over the next few days in the Google Play Store. We look forward to your thoughts on how you find all these updates in the comments section below.

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