Google App Gets Incredible Shortcuts To Get Stuff Done Quickly

Google is surely everyone’s favorite search engine, given the extremely easy interface it provides the users. Along with its different apps and services, Google’s Android makes sure that we stay hooked to the platform and the organization. And to keep up with the expectations of simplicity and better user experience, Google also puts in efforts to better its different features and services.

If you are an Android user, you would be aware of different stock android apps that come with the device. It includes everything from Gmail to YouTube to Chrome, Google Photos, Google Docs/Sheets, Google Duo, Google Drive, so on and so forth. One of the most overlooked apps amongst the lot is the Google app which most users do not pay enough attention to in their attempts to make use of all the other apps. But Google app is one of the most basic apps that you may find, and still it gives one so much, that it is incredible.

According to the play store description of the Google app, the app is supposed to keep the user in the know about things they care about. It further suggests that this app will let you find quick answers, get a feed and updates on anything that matters to you as well as explore your interests. The most important feature of the app comes in the end, where it is mentioned that the app gets better the more you use it.

And this is something we could not agree with more. You can use the app to search for stores and eating joints near your location. You can check out scores for your favorite sports teams and clubs, heck you can check the scheduled matches. Next time, you are unsure about a newly released movie, simply use the Google app to check out the showtimes, casts and reviews. You can browse through endless repository of images and videos that Google provides on a subject. You can keep up to date with news covering different subjects – political, climate change, social, economical, etc.

Basically anything and everything you can get on the internet can be accessed through this app. Moreover, once you start using the app, it starts storing your likes, dislikes as to send personalized notifications to you regarding news, weather updates, movie updates and even stock market changes. You can mark your interests and get daily updates about so much and more. The best thing about the app is that you no longer have to worry about bad network conditions.

Google App optimizes search results in case your network is not that strong. In fact, if your search is not completed due to absence of network or extremely feeble connection, the results would be loaded and a notification would be sent to you once your device starts receiving network properly again. It is really a shame that such an amazing app is not being used by more and more people everyday on their Android smartphones.

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And now, Google has actually added more amazing features – shortcuts – in this app. Just above the news feed, you will see three to four different shortcuts which will help you check out several things. The update has just been launched in India and involves making searching and staying up to date more easier now.

The Google app has a home screen which now has four shortcuts – your most used ones. If you click on the arrow next to these shortcuts you would be able to go through the rest of them. These shortcuts have included everything thinkable that you might need to use generally or in emergency – from nearby places to locations of nearby ATM & Fuel Stations to sport updates, weather updates (with sunrise and sunset timings), suggestions for food joints and restaurants. These shortcuts are intensive and pretty amazing. It has been reported that new shortcuts would be added soon by Google which will include sections like Big Moments and Events.

This new update focusses on making the app more popular in a demographic like India, and making people more aware about the usage they can put their Google App and their Android phones to. The update is now live, so if you are in India, head to your Play Store and update your app if it is not updated yet. Let us know in comments below how you find these new shortcuts and what you wish Google would add as a shortcut to the home screen of the wonderful Google App.

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