Guide To Using Kodi On NVIDIA Shield Android TV

Kodi is the open-source software that has prompted plenty of people to get rid of their cable connection and watch all their favourite cable shows right on their phones, tablets, PCs and even TV sets. The open source software is primarily made for Android but you can download it for iOS, Windows and Linux, as also for Raspberry Pis.

Formerly known as the XBMC, Kodi has spawned a whole industry that offer free (and illegal) streaming of TV shows and movies through add-ons. Still, Kodi remains an extremely useful software to organise and watch stuff. There are also the Kodi boxes which are cheaply available now – they are just Android TV that have the Kodi software pre-installed on them.

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In the end, Kodi is just another Kodi app which means that you can download it on your NVIDIA Shield Android TV. The Shield TV is by far the most capable of the Android TVs and the Kodi app with its array of add-ons is a great plus to get on if you own one.

The basic 16GB model should be good enough for you if you plan to stream most of your media through the Kodi add-ons, but if you have media that you want to transfer over live directly on your device, you might be better off with the 500 GB NVIDIA Shield TV Pro model that comes with the higher price tag.


How To Install Kodi On Your Shield Android TV

This is the easiest part of the Kodi functionality on Shield Android TV – Kodi is available on the Play Store and you can download it from there :

Open Google Play Store on Your Shield Android TV.
Search for Kodi.
Click on Install to install the app.

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This will not by itself start the home entertainment experience – you need to either transfer media files over to the internal or external storage on your Shield Android TV, or you would have to download and install add-ons onto your Kodi app to stream media over Wi-Fi.


How To Transfer Files

To transfer photos, music and videos onto your Shield TV, there are quite some ways to do it, but by far the easiest way to do it is through the ES File Explorer File Manager app. You can download the app from the Play Store, and the app provides a number of ways to transfer and organise your files, including cloud storage using services like DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive and others. On Shield TV you can upload all your files to the cloud service and also you can download them by using ES File Explorer.

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You should organise your files into folders in your device’s root file system so that it is easy for Kodi to organise them. After you have sent your files to the device, it is quite easy to set up things in Kodi:

Go to Kodi and then select the category of files (music, photos, videos) you want to set up.
You can select files and then you can add up the music.. (consider music as an example here)
Tap Browse when you see the external window and then tap on External Storage.
You need to select the folder which has got all music then you can tap on OK.

With this, you have set up that folder as a source for music and Kodi will organise all the music files it finds in the folder in its comfortable skin. The same applies to pictures and videos.


How To Install Legal Add-Ons On Your Shield Android TV

Streaming media is the most popular through a wide selection of add-ons available through community created repositories, and you can have them installed on your Shield TV easily.

Go to main menu, then go to System and then Settings.
After you open Settings, and then click on Add-ons.
You will now see Install from repository or Get Add-ons, depending on what version of Kodi you are using. Click on it.
Choose Kodi Add-on repository.


Browsing can be done through all the addons which are available here. Mostly important add-ons to get are music add-ons, video add-ons etc.
Click on the add-on to install.

To access any addon you have installed can be checked or accessed on the main menu and then you can select category and from sub menu you can select add-ons.


Customise the look of Kodi on Shield Android TV

The great thing about Kodi is that it has several customisable skins for the UI, aside from the default Confluence skin that is quite useful for beginners.


You can Select System from the menu.
Now you need to  go to Appearance then click on Skin option and then Select more.

Then after it you can see or find different skins available and the best thing is you can select anyone whichever you like to keep.

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