Hacks You Can Do Without Rooting Your Android

If you want to use your Android to its best use, rooting it is the way out. Though rooting comes with its own problems. Like one, whenever the phone is rooted, you are putting all faith and control in who ever developed that rooting method. It means if the method has any wayward code or backdoor access, one actually can not do much about it. Rooting obviously bypasses all the security channels that your Android might have, which generally means your phone is susceptible to any sort of attack. It is incredible to note here that the large community of Android developers works on a goodwill and support, thus not many cases of such compromises have been brought to notice. However that does not change the fact that rooting, and depending on an external developer for it, brings its own set of problems with it mainly legal and security wise.

hacks without rooting, android hack without rooting

That is not the only reason though. Please note that rooting is not exactly like installing and running an app, it is much more complicated and difficult. Many a times rooting can go horribly wrong, leading to a ‘bricked’ phone, which you can not even use any further. In such cases, even warranty is not to rescue given that rooting practically has you violated the terms of use.


But Android has had many technological improvements in past and, that amazingly has led users to discover that rooting is not the only way to put the phone to its optimum use. You may find a list of some of the hacks you can do with your phone to have it perform better instead of going down the rooting way. These hacks are not exactly advanced, but are fun to work on and can get you an incredible experience of using Android.


Creating Customized Widgets

We all love widgets. What else can be a better way to use an app to its best directly from your home screen? However, widgets are limited and not every app has them. And those who do, are just an extension of the personality of the designer.


Thus if one wants to put their preferences and personality out there, they would have to try and get their widgets done themselves. You may try out an app like Beautiful Widgets for that which will ensure your home screen has you set widgets the way you like and need. The app will also let you set up shortcuts to save time.

Creating Customized Widgets, customized android widget



Using Edge Display

The Edge Display is a way of have the beveled edge of the screen of your phone illuminate when you get a notification. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has the Edge Display which is super cool yet super hot way to get notifications. However the unique design that S6 Edge comes with has made sure that no other device can have a proper replication of this technology. Though you do not have to any longer waste your time waiting for the new Edge device. You can use this app called Edge Color Notifications which will cause two sidebars whenever you get notifications on the edge of your device’s screen. This is as better as it gets without tossing your phone out completely. Yes, we know it is not exactly what S6 Edge gets you, but then it is pretty slick and way better than your LED notifications.

Controlling Your PC from Your Android

You might use this app by Google which will let your Android control your desktop computer pretty easily. The app is Remote Desktop app and good news is no heavy softwares are required to install it. IN fact the app gets set up in an easy breezy manner and you may be able to run it in around five minutes. The process is made up of two parts – you would be installing and configuring the Chrome version on your desktop and the Google Play Store Android version on your phone. You will see in chrome store a Chrome Remote Desktop app. Download it and install it, which will lead you through a series of tasks. Follow the pop ups and prompts and go ahead with the permissions it would ask you. You would be up and running in no time at all.

Once your PC is good to go, get it to provide a PIN, which you would be able to use your PC from your Android phone. And then you need to find Chrome Remote Desktop app in the Google Play Store. Download it and install it. Once done, open it and put in the PC you had the app installed on earlier. Type in the PIN and get ready to use your desktop computer directly from your Android. The power is yours!

Controlling Your PC from Your Android, control pc from android

Recording the Screen

Having a video recording of your own Android screen is cool, and oh so difficult. Not any longer though. Android 5.0 Lollipop was introduced with screen recording API. This process will lead your screen recording app to better functioning. One such example is AZ Screen Recorder. The app will do your bidding as asked to given that it is customizable. It also comes with features like countdown timer all of which contribute to an easy way of recording the screen. What is more – it will even let you draw on the screen while recording. You are free to record, edit and trim videos just using this one single app. Only problem might be the availability of lollipop in your phone which is a must for this app.

Playing Old Games

We all miss our childhood games on your smartphones. No more, as emulator is here to save the day. Not everyone can have N64 games, still Gameboy and SNES/NES get so smooth on Android that it would be a mistake to not check it out.

Re-configuring Navigation Buttons

Yes you could do that in your old Nokia and Home2 Shortcut is an app that will let you do it with your Android. Simply get new things to do with your navigation buttons which are located at the bottom of your screen. The app is so amazing with new ways to configure buttons that you can even have particular apps run whenever you tap the navigation button twice. It is a brilliant way to have your Android do your bidding.

Using IFTTT to Automate

Tasker has been used by every Android lover to have your phone run small time applications and get the Android to work in an automatic manner, responding to its surroundings and circumstances. We know that Task.

Using IFTTT to Automate, ifttt automate on android

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