Here is How Leap will Change the Shape of HR in Tech World


Google has certainly brought together different minds to provide some of the best products of all time. And to continue such legacy, two ex workers from the company are now working on using artificial intelligent to guarantee future workers interview chances with their dream companies. The project these two engineers Richard Liu and Yunkai Zhou is being called and is expected to solve the hiring problems in the tech world. Both of them worked at Google and have started Leap believing that artificial intelligence can contribute to the world of Human Resources as it has to different fields over the past one year or so.

In today’s world, most of us are familiar with LinkedIn as the online hiring platform. It is not even close to perfect, but it is getting things done. Usually HRs and hiring team members end up going through endless number of resumes to select that one person who would suit their needs the best – but this all is time consuming and usually results in quantitative results as compared to qualitative. The founders Liu, who would work as CEO, and Zhou, who would work as CTO, both are originally from China, but have been working in the Silicon Valley for a long time now.

They personally seem to be of the opinion that the process opted today for analyzing someone’s skills, abilities and experience can be made more efficient while keeping in mind the requirements and cultures of the future employers. Liu stated how he has gone on to hire almost five hundred people for his division (with his eight years at Google), and understands that hiring is a hard process. He added that a person’s ability to learn and collaborate or initiate are of course strong and valued characteristics but simply judging that from conducting an interview is neither enough nor efficient.

Their company was started about 18 months ago and already has 10 people working. The team is collecting and analyzing different data from some obvious fields like employment history or qualifications as well as skills or personal interests of a person to fields like career motivation and other, to simply make a more apt and fulfilling picture of someone’s career aspirations.

The process even goes onto consider the dream employer a candidate might have or the ideal role they would want. Then the system that the team has created would find an employee for its clientele of employers, which includes companies like Dropbox, Uber, etc. who want to hire someone fitting their needs. believes that if a candidate actually names two companies they dream to work for, the team can get them an interview with at least one of them – specially when the employer is a start up and not an established and huge organisation like Google.

Liu explains that this is so because organisations really value those employees who fit better into their work culture and have more motivation and ambition other than the obvious financial reasons. He adds that a company like LinkedIn surely solved the first problem with the hiring process with their platform, but knowing what a person is and how good they are and how well they may fit into your company – such analysis is not even harder but more valuable as well. even gives candidates customized suggestions as to which corporations they would fit at the best. The company only would make money when it gets you hired – something which cuts it more slack with users. The company is focussing and dedicating several features to help companies from Asia as well along with the U.S. ones. Liu has stated that the company wants to make sure they expand into China once they are well established in U.S. however they had prepared themselves for the markets in the U.S., China and India since its inception.

Along with optimising the hiring process, Liu and Zhou want to create the mentorship environment that they got at Google. They want younger employees to have more help and guidance to figure out their goals and ambitions, even if they move somewhere else. The company sure has a nice product which can prove to be a long term career companion for many given its job hunting features along with the focus on individual growth and development. Oh, and the company got more than half of its staff from the service only, which greatly works as an example of their success. With such a fashionable and efficient start up in town, we are sure both employers and employees would be able to make the best off it.