Here Is How you Can Get Bixby To Do Exactly What You Want

Oh we sure know how troubling it can be to get Bixby Voice to do stuff that we need, and that is why we were motivated to draw up a list, which would help us and you better in getting work done. Now if you are asking – what is Bixby Voice – it is a pocket assistant which Samsung Galaxy S8 comes packed with. Like most assistants, you can ask Bixby to perform actions for you by speaking to it. However, many a times it does not work, which just makes Bixby annoying and practically useless. Read on to know more about different hacks you may use to get your stuff going with Bixby.


Always Get the App Open First

Many a times you would feel frustrated when Bixby is not able to perform the task assigned and some or other confusion arises. Bid adios to all troubles like this by simply asking Bixby to open an app first. Let’s say the task you need done is related to your Calendar. The first step is getting this task then is to ask Bixby to open the Calendar app. Once that is out of the way, you may ask it to perform the specific task. Saying “Hey Bixby, Open the Calendar App”, will do the trick and will put your confused assistant at rest, making it more efficient. Performing the opening the app action will make sure that the commands you are giving are to the point and specific which will make the task easier and clearer to Bixby. You also have a better chance of getting Bixby to perform tasks this way than any other.

Bixby for Samsung

Bixby Samsung


Ensure App You Are Asking For is Compatible

Bixby surely has a wide range, providing functioning with a lot of apps, and as the time passes, Samsung is expanding this range – but still not all apps are yet included. This means that you have to make sure whether or not Bixby can even perform the action which you are asking it to because in case the app is not compatible, it will not be able to do what you are asking it to. You can find all the apps that are currently compatible with Bixby in a list you may access, along with the Bixby Labs data where you can check on the apps that are right now being tested. So knowing which apps are available and which ones not is something you have to pay attention to before getting all worked up.


Keep Your Inputs Simple, Specific & Direct

Short and sweet is the key when you are getting stuff done, something which will help you in dealing with Bixby as well. Simply ensure that the task you are asking Bixby to do is termed in simple and direct terms – be specific. As you grow confusing in your directions, or construct statements which are tougher to get hang of, Bixby will get more and more confused. For example ask Bixby – “What do I have for 25th August 2017” instead of asking “What all do we have planned for next week”. As you go straightforward and specific in your instructions, Bixby would grow more and more efficient at helping you out instead of getting all confused.

Say hello to Bixby Samsung

Bixby Samsung


Remember It Will Take Time

Once you get a task done by Bixby, take some time out, answer a question and provide your valuable feedback. This helps Bixby in understanding you better. Doing this little exercise and teaching Bixby as you keep on using it, clarifies the situation for it as well. Like lets say you get to know that Bixby is mishearing your words (or a group of words specifically), then make sure you correct that, which will help Bixby in functioning better. Once you starts interacting with Bixby, there would be significant improvement in its understanding of you, your diction and voice – which will reduce its performance time, making your Bixby experience better.


Quick Commands Are the Way To Go

You can go the Quick Commands route to customize your Bixby journey. Simply decide specific phrases for specific actions, which will be your way of building these quick commands. Once these are in place, whenever you use that phrase, it will have Bixby launch into pre-decided functions/actions. Thus by creating Quick Commands, you will have a set of standard phrases using which will automatically launch the specified action. For example setting a phrase like “Take Me Home”, will launch the app Maps and have your route navigation started to the location Home. These Quick Commands will take care of a lot of confusion and enhance your Bixby experience a lot.

Let us know in comments below which of these hacks helped you the most in working with Bixby Voice.

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