How To Access Hidden Movie Categories On Netflix

Netflix seems to be the future of television now, given its popularity and the rate at which it is producing its own hit and hot television shows as well unconventional movies. Whether it is millenials hooked on the political drama House of Cards or teenagers who can not get enough of Thirteen Reasons Why, Netflix shows have dominated thoroughly this season.


While Netflix seems to many people the future of television, the most popular of streaming services for movies and TV dramas only lets you avail some portion of its vast directory of movies and shows. This fact is indeed surprising but true – there are many secret hidden movie categories that you can not access on the Netflix website. However, there is now a free Chrome extension that you can use to unlock them, and turns out that it is quite freely available on the Google Play Store and easy to download and install.

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Called Netflix Categories, this is an open source and free, small in size, extension that can be easily searched for and downloaded from the Play Store. The central feature is, of course, that it lets you download many of the hidden categories of movies and TV shows on Netflix. Additionally, it also lets you add the categories to a favorites category for your easy and quick access and for the sake of organisation of your Netflix material. The extension is open and free, so you don’t have to worry about coughing up money unnecessarily for this rather important bit of code.


If you are worried about the security of the software, keep in mind that this is on the Play Store and not an unsafe, third party extension. No additional administrator permissions are required to install the extension, and it does not send or receive data so you do not have to worry about profiling. As mentioned before, the extension is light and has great performance – it does not run in the background so it does not eat up system resources when it is not in use, unlike your AdBlock extensions.


All in all, it is a smart hack to open up your Netflix experience without risking your system or slowing it down. The software itself can be found on the Play Store, where you will find the option of “Add To Your Chrome” in the upper right corner of the box that will open. The source code for the extension is also available on GitHub.


Once you have downloaded and installed the extension (which is most easily done by clicking on “Add To Chrome” button in the Google Play Store), you will see the familiar Netflix icon appear as an extension in the upper right corner, next to the search bar. If you click on it, you will see a list of movie categories to choose from. Now, you will find that many of these categories are not on the original Netflix website, so this is a smart way to access the hidden categories. Also, you will find a search tab above the movie categories, where you can search for the movie or category you have in mind.


Not only does this extension make it a little easier to access the movie categories you have always wanted to appear in Netflix, it lets you organize them as  favorites so you can access them later and share them with family and friends. This is a feature still missing on the Netflix website as well as the mobile app, and makes the extension very handy in case you have a lot of stuff that you want to watch on Netflix but do not have the time just yet to do it.

All in all, this extension is highly recommended given its great performance and features, and is a must have for every Netflix user who wants to explore the vast universe of movies and TV shows in a more organized way.




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