How To Back Up Your Android Device

Backing up your PC or your Android is one of the best decisions you would take as far as your gadgets are concerned. It is real important and takes care of so many things. Whenever you are in a position, which might compromise the safety of your Android, backup is what is going to save the day. And we are talking about everything from updating your Android to rooting it as potential threats to your data here. Having a backup will see you through every sticky situation if need be.


It is necessary to backup you android device, but how do we do that? Well, not to worry, you have my options to choose from. You can proceed to your Settings and use Backup option to turn on the automatic backup on. This will ensure your regular backups taking place with all your passwords and other settings synced in to Google. All you need to do here is get your Gmail ID and sync it with your Android. You can even have applications that you have uninstalled restore if you get automatic restore turned on, which practically means you can resume your game where you left it or use other apps with their customized settings instead of the factory ones.

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You will also find settings for reset here which will help you get your device working like the first day you got it. You can opt for default settings or reset network settings. You can even do a factory reset which we will suggest as a mandatory step before selling off or throwing away an Android smartphone. Just backup your data on a SD card and transfer it to your new Android smartphone to have it working like your old phone only.


You can use Google Photos as well to sync and backup your photos. The app is somewhat like the Gallery app though it has a few dissimilarities. Like you can not backup data on Gallery. You can use geolocation and tagging options to search photos. You can also use dates to look out for pictures. Google Photos is somewhat like Google Drive in a way given you can create albums, share them or send links. It also has editing tools with filters which will remind you of Instagram. Once your photos are synced, you can access them on Google photos from your PC or any other Android smartphone you may have. What’s more – you can actually get rid of the device copies once you save photos to Google Photos which will lead to freeing up storage space on your Android.


Backup Apps on Android

You can try out some popular apps like Helium, Titanium Backup, Super Backup or Ultimate Backup. Out of these apps, three (Helium, Super and Ultimate) will let you backup your data from your rooted or unrooted Android device. But the backup of Titanium will need you to root your phone first. However Super and Ultimate might not offer some features for unrooted ones. In such a condition Helium is your savior as it does not have any such issue.

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These apps provide regular backups and can even schedule them. They also can be used to restore data to a new or same phone. These apps are available for free, however three of them, Helium Super and Ultimate, have their premium versions which offer ad free services, automatic backups and storage on cloud services like Dropbox.


Restoring Your Android

Android Marshmallow and Lollipop come with a feature called Tap & Go, which lets data transfer take place via NFC from one Android smartphone to other. However, you can use Tap & Go, only if you have either a new phone or a phone which has been restored to its factory settings. The service is of course convenient and gives the user the choice to transfer whatever they want.

If you do not want that, you can also add your gmail account to your device, select the device to restore from (note that you would have to make sure your data was stored and synced on the Google account on your previous Android phone),

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In case, you use a backup app, just download the app and sign in with your account. Once you click on restore data, the app will take care of it.


So that is it when it comes to backing up important data from your Android, Let us know which methods you like to backup your data on your Android.

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