How To Change Colors Of LED Notification Light On Your Phone

Changing the color of your LED notifications lights isn’t always possible on the phone you might be using, but most Samsung, Nexus, LG and Sony phones can do it. In this articles, we will talk about how to switch off the LED lights, if they are there, and how to change their colors. While some phones can do it by themselves, most phones need outside help/apps and we talk about that too.

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How To Turn On Notification LED

For most phones, LED notification lights are off by default, while for phones like the Nexus 5X, it is just hard to spot them. Here is how you can turn them on, even though they may have been off the whole time you have had the phone.


The first step, of course, is to go to Settings. While it may vary depending on the device and the version of Android, for a Motorola G3 running Android 5.1, you should go to Sound and Notifications under the Device options, and other phones will have similar options. Again, it may depend on your phone, but look for pulse notifications. This may need to be toggled on or may open a new menu, but the upshot is that you need to enable your pulse notifications to switch your LED notifications on.

How To Turn On Notification LED, turn on led notification



Apps That Will Change LED lights

Once you have switched on your LED notifications, you can change color of your LED notifications from white to something else using apps that you can download off the Play Store. The first is called Light Manager – LED Settings.

Light Manager may or may not be compatible with your phone, so you will have to try and test it out. It requires root access for Android below 4.2 but that is not the case for 4.3 and higher. However, given all this, if it does work for you, it can be used to set different lights for different notifications and you can afford to choose from a vast spectrum of colors.

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The next app is Light Flow – LED Control, which is available both as a free and a paid app ($2.49). Although it is well regarded, Light Flow faces the same concerns with compatibility as Light Manager, and if you can get it to work on your phone then that’s great otherwise there are no tweaks that you can make to get the app to run.

The difference between the free and pro version is the amount of colors available to choose from when customizing your LED notification lights according to the nature of notification – the free version has a very specific number of colors to choose from whereas the pro version has more than 600 lights to choose from. A quick glance at the Google Play pages will tell you the advantages the pro version offers so you can choose what app is best for you.

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To conclude, the two apps are a great way to customize your LED notification lights according to the notification so that you don’t have to keep checking your phone to tell if it is a text message or a Facebook notification or a missed call, say, when you are in bed in the dark and the phone is on the table. While they face compatibility issues, it is worthwhile to check out if the LED notifications can be switched on for your Android, and if they can, if they can be customized to accommodate the plethora of notifications that you receive everyday on your phone.

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