How To Check Log File For More Information In Kodi

A log file is a file that list actions that occur in an operating system or other software. At some point during your foray into Kodi, you will likely come up against a problem that is not made 100% clear from errors in the GUI and this is where log file comes into play. You can check and analyse the log file so that it will be clear to you as what is causing an issue. In Kodi you can check the log file without leaving Kodi by downloading Log Viewer For Kodi Addon from Kodi’s official repository. Log Viewer For Kodi Addon makes it easy to check and analyse Kodi logs. This method will show you log file regardless of operating system you are using.

Log Viewer For Kodi Addon

Log Viewer For Kodi

Follow the below instructions to install Log Viewer For Kodi Addon, also you will find the Video Tutorial at the end of textual instructions:

01. From the main screen of Kodi click on System

02. Click on Addons

03. Click on Install from repository

04. Click on Kodi Addon repository

05. Click on Program Addons

06. Now scroll down and click on Log Viewer For Kodi

07. Click on Install and wait for Addon Enabled notification

08. After that you need to return back to the main screen of Kodi by pressing the return button(Back arrow)

09. Click on Programs

10. Click on Program Addons and there you will find Log Viewer For Kodi Addon

11. Click on Log Viewer For Kodi and you will get an option Show Log on which you need to click to check and analyse recent Kodi logs. You can also check old Kodi logs by clicking on Show Old Full Log option

Here is the Video Tutorial on how to View Log Files in Kodi for more information:


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