How To Connect Rii8 Keyboard To AndroidBOX

Some users are confused on how they can connect an Rii8 (i8+) remote to their Android Box. Well its easy but in case you are facing issues follow the steps below. In case you find it difficult to follow the textual instructions we have also a video tutorial at the end of the instructions.


->  There is a dongle that comes with the keyboard and you need to fix that dongle in the usb port of the box in order for it to work.

-> Hold the keyboard in your hand and have a look on the back side you will find small compartment at its back and the dongle rests inside that as shown in the below image:

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Dongle Inside Back Side compartment Rii8 Keyboard

-> Remove the back cover of the remote keyboard which is covering the battery you will find the usb dongle there.

-> Now take out the USB dongle and put this dongle on one of the usb port of the box thats on the side of the box as shown in the image:

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i8 dongle inserted in Android Box

-> Now the remote should work along with the track pad

-> Just make sure that the remote keyboard is turned ON, the button is on the right hand side of it

-> Once its on you will see that the blue LED on the remote is flashing

-> Another feature in the remote is the usb port with which you can charge the battery one end goes in the remote the other in the box

-> Some people complain that they cant get @ key to work for those just like the computer keyboard they need to hold Shift and then press the 2 key and they will get @ sign.

Here is a video tutorial on How To Connect i8 Keyboard To Android Box:

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