How To Cool And Protect Your Phone In Summer

Summer is a great time for a lot of fun, but as it turns out, heat is not really friendly with your electronic gadgets. The searing summer heat can actually hazardous for your electronics, and you should protect them in this summer with a few simple solutions that will help your devices keep cool this summer.


Don’t Leave Your Phone In The Car

don't leave phone in car, protect phone from overheating

It is illegal in many states to leave your child or a pet in the car – the greenhouse effect effectively makes cars with even a little cracked windows metal incubators. You should avoid keeping your phones in uncooled cars, and for long distance trips, you can keep magnetic car mounts to affix your phone to the air conditioned vent while you are using the GPS for directions on the phone. If you absolutely have to leave the phone in the car, try storing it in the trunk that does not have the greenhouse effect and is the coolest part of your car. Also, never leave your phone or for that matter, other electronics in the glove compartment, which is hot enough to melt cassettes and definitely hot enough to toast your electronics.


Turn Off What You Do Not Need

Turn off all the services on your phone that you do not really need while you are outside – Bluetooth, LTE, Wi-Fi, and GPS, which will both help your battery life (considering how much warmer your phone gets while it is plugged in) as well as ensure that your phone is not working in overtime.


Take The Case Off

take the phone case off, prevent overheating of phone

Take the case of your phone off to keep the phone cool. If you are engaged in outside activity and have to keep the case on, keep the phone in an otterbox and keep the screen off at all times.


Keep Your Devices Separate

If you are travelling outside and have stored your electronic devices in your backpack, make sure they are in separate compartments so each of the device has a room to breath in the saturated atmosphere.


Do Not Keep Your Phone In the Fridge

Cooling your devices is almost as bad as heating them, as the condensation from the fast cooling can cause water damage to the inside of the electronics. The best thing to do if your phone or tab gets overheated is to let it cool slowly. Unseat the battery pack, if that is something that you can do with your device, and definitely keep it out of sunlight.


If The Phone Overheats, Turn It Off

This is a way better trick than sticking it in the fridge. You should turn the phone and separate the phone from the battery so the heat does not do any damage to the circuitry.

If The Phone Overheats, Turn It Off, switch phone to off when gets overheated


Give It a Rest

Overuse is one of the leading reasons for cellphone overheating. Playing games, takings photos or watching videos put pressure making the lithium ion battery work harder, which produces more energy and hence produces more heat. When mercury rises, it makes things worse as it adds external heat to the internal heat already being created by the battery.

So try to take it not so hard on your Android when you’re out in the sun. Close down any apps you don’t really require and limit off your use of high-intensity programs such as your camera or any games. Also, turn down your screen brightness and switch to airplane mode to conserve power and keep the battery running cooler whenever possible.

In some rare cases, the battery might even explode from the overheating so be sensitive to your phone’s needs in the summer.


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