How To Create a Playlist in Kodi in Minutes

By now, we are sure you have explored Kodi a lot on the sides. You must be aware that you can put Kodi playlist to great use by creating collections of your favorite party songs as well as keeping your favorite shows on the never ending binge line. As we have said repeatedly you will find Kodi to be one of the best platforms available to collect, organize and stream all your media files at one place. You can use your Kodi on so many different devices – from.your Mac to your Android phones to Amazon Fire TV to Android TV boxes.

The below points will help you use and experience Kodi in a better way throughout your different devices, however please note that the sentences and terminology is suited for that of your Android devices. But using these same steps and methods all over shall be in fact possible and convenient. You just might have to interchange the typical touchscreen lingo with whatever device you are going to use. So lets say if we ask you to tap on Your Android device, that would be translated as pressing the left side button on your PC/laptop mouse or Select button on your TV box remote.

So go on and read our favorite tips and tricks to create your favorite playlist on Kodi to save you in any party or on long boring weekends:

Queuing Content on Auto play

Let’s say you have to binge this weekend a whole season of your new favorite show but you do not want to use Netflix and instead stream it on Kodi. Now it might seem complicated but is in fact totally slick. You do not even have to create a playlist for this, but we will let you know how to create one anyhow. Also, note that you may create different playlists for audio files and video files. Below is a step by step process for a video playlist –

Open Kodi on your Android device from home screen. You might also use app drawer though.
Tap on Videos once your Kodi gets running. Select files from the menu opened.

Now, you need to click on the space where your media files are ┬álocated or stored. Let’s say that you have the media you want to create a playlist of stored on your microSD card, simply tap on that.

Once it is open, select the folder that has all those files you are looking forward to put in your playlist.
Note that you can simply press long enough on a video file to have its context menu opened. Once it is, tap on Queue item.

Given that you do that, whatever video file you asked to queue shall be now on your playlist, which you can easily locate in the Music section. You can also create a whole folder with your favorite tracks or show video files and have it added to your playlist.

Playlist for Kodi

Playlist in Kodi


Managing the Playlist

Once you are done with adding all that you wished to your queue playlist, you would usually end up getting bored with some of the stuff. A problem which can only be solved by revamping your Playlist. This would mean removing some stuff and adding some new stuff, in short you would have to learn managing your Playlist. Below is how to –
Open your app Kodi from home screen or App drawer.
Select Music section and Tap on it to open.
Once inside, look for Settings. You may find it in the bottom right corner, looking like a gear.
Select Current playlist from the options opened. You would now be able to view all the files in your playlist – in the order that you added it.
All you have to do now is to press long enough on any file to have its context menu opened. Once that is done, you can easily reorder and/or remove a file – depending on your requirement. You can select Move Up, Move Down or Remove from the options available given your need.

Playlist in Kodi

create Playlist in Kodi


Saving and/or Clearing the Playlist

In case the above option does not satisfactorily clear out your Playlist, you can also choose to delete everything and begin from the ground up once again to create your new playlist. But we understand if you do not want to remove every file added to your Playlist manually – that’d be too tricky and exhausting.

So we would suggest you to simply again go to Settings from the Playlist screen – you will find it in the bottom right corner. Select Save to save playlists for sometime later or you may just clear everything from the Playlist. The playlists you save, can easily be used under a new name you can give it to when you tap save. You may easily access them from the Music section even if these contain video files.


Creating Permanent Playlists

Now, it is extremely simple and useful to have queue playlists for those times when you simply want to binge content or get yourself going with some music. However, we would suggest you to always have some permanent playlists for yourself to build your environment as per your need – at office or gym or a party for that matter. Go through the below points to understand how to create your own permanent list –
Select Music section on your Kodi.
Once in, locate Playlists and tap on it.
You will find an option named New Playlist. Tap on it.
You can easily tap on different files to understand where these files (audio or video) are stored.
Keep on pressing for a long time on the folder or the particular file you want to have on your Playlist. When the menu is revealed, choose and tap Add.

Once you are done with adding all the songs and audio files you want to have on your Playlist, select and tap the Settings icon located in the bottom right corner.
Just select and tap Save playlist. You may also give your Playlist a certain name to classify it.


Meaning of Smart Playlists

The phenomenon of Smart playlists is an undying one. These Playlists in fact operate around a set of rules and can analyze your audio and/or video database and upon the basis of that, come up with a Playlist which fulfills the standards or parameters you set in the beginning. However you should have a scraper addon for Kodi to use this feature. Scraper will help in getting all the information about media that you have stored. These Smart Playlists will help you organize your media files better – organize and put them together in a way that you might have a Playlist of only a certain genre of songs or a Playlist full of movies of a certain actress.

Smart Playlist in Kodi

Smart Playlist in Kodi

Let us know which one of these you would like to try in the comments below.

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