How To Enjoy Netflix Content At Its Best

Netflix, the online streaming service, has revolutionized the cultural scene in the past five years more than we’d like to admit. It introduced us to the concept of binging (or binge watching) – continuous, non stop consumption of TV series and movies – it brought Netflix and Chill to our lives (don’t ask what that means), and it gave back to us two Queens of the nineties – Robin Wright and Winona Ryder in the forms of House of Cards and Stranger Things (two highly original and hugely acclaimed TV series produced by Netflix).

You can hate it, or you can love it – but you certainly can not ignore the cultural revolution it has brought on to us. And, to keep up with the ever changing landscape of visual entertainment, we are certain you have either bought its subscription already or are using the free one month trial pack. Whichever it is, we are certain if you are here, you are a huge fan of the ad-free, extremely entertaining and highly charged up streaming service. Below, we give you some tips and tricks from our kitty to get you the best of Netflix. Happy Watching!


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You’ve got to Explore Popular Content

If you open your Netflix app, you will see it already has a selection of films and series that are trending or a selection of popular content. Both these headers are extremely helpful if you have got a taste that matches of the masses. However, if you want to shorten the time or lessen the difficulty level in finding the content you actually want to consume tonight, you can always call for help. There are third party apps which help you choosing content easily. Can I Steam It? is a popular website which you can use to search for movies and tv series that are available throughout different online streaming services like, and including, Netflix.

Dive into the Randomness

Feeling dissatisfied with the content available? Thinking this is too less a range for you to explore? Well, well. Believe us you could not have watched every interesting film or tv series available on Netflix even if you feel otherwise. What you need actually is some randomness in your life. And a second search. Go to Netflix Roulette, and click spin. In case nothing comes up even after a few tries, you can also make a few restrictions suiting your mood or your taste. Still no luck? Well, you can always rely on a third party app to save you from a soup. And is here for just that. The app works on the basis of letting you search with more filters than Netflix normally would, which leads you a step closer to the tv series or movie you want to watch indeed.

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Like It, Favorite It

As our Queen Bey has made it clear enough, you like something, put a ring on it, the world of Netflix works the same way. It might have happened to you at times when you like some show or a movie, but you lose it in the chaos that is life. And here come we to your rescue. Next time you like something on Netflix, like it. Put the stuff in My List and keep a track of your favorites. Sometimes you would also find extremely difficult to keep track of your favorite movies and tv shows as Netflix keeps updating their data base. You can now keep an eye out for it as you can go to the Website and check the weekly round up of everything that is about to leave Netflix. So, catch that movie you have been stalling for weeks now before it disappears off the grid.


Read Your Subtitles Better

Wanna watch a foreign language film, but Subtitles irritate you?  Mostly people avoid watching other language films cause subtitles are not legible. Well, not any more. Netflix now offers options to adjust the size of the subtitles as well as captions or other audio alternatives for your ease and convenience. Just head to your account and under the options menu, go to my profile and select subtitle appearance. Now you can select the font size of your liking. Once you are happy with your choice, click save, which will then become your customized choice. And that means every time your subtitles are on during a Netflix movie or show, you have your subtitles appearing in the font and size you like the best.


Save Your Downloads on a SD Card

Subscribers can now also save their downloads to a microSD card which has been possible with an update in 2017. You can download offline content directly onto a microSD card saving movies and shows for a later watch. Only downside being there are restrictions to this option. The feature is not supported on all devices and only offline content is available for download. But you can check whether or not your app lets you do it. Head to the Netflix app on your phone or tablet and, on the top left hand corner, click on the menu. From the bar, select app settings, where you will find download location on scrolling down. Set the location to SD card and download stuff to your heart’s content to be stored on your card for later.


Why Stay Local, When You can go Global

The streaming website is available to users around 190 countries in the world. However the content is select and not uniform. If you want to know what it is that people from around the globe can consume on Netflix, just head to the website called Unogs or Unofficial Netflix Online Global Search, which will let you search for individual movies, shows or actors or genre. There are also other search filters available to let you search as per the availability of subtitles, language or ratings (IMDB or Netflix).

One more thing worth mentioning here is that some Netflix users have also managed to bypass the country restrictions by using VPNs. The company is now very cautious about subscribers using VPN to get around the system, however it is also improving its game by providing more uniform selection of movies and shows around the globe. To use the VPN we personally use and recommend please Click Here To Get Started


Track Your Covers

Don’t want others to know about that movie or that TV series you watched (and secretly liked)? Well, just delete the items from your viewing activity. Go to your account and under the menu options (under your name), select option viewing activity. Select whatever it is you want to delete, and click delete. Well, it is that simple to cover your tracks now on Netflix.

So that was it when it came to our best Netflix tips. Let us know how you optimize your Netflix experience in comments.

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