How To Fix All Google Play Store Issues Like a Pro

You must have noticed the irritating situations when you can not access your Google Play Store. And the reasons for the same can range from updates to store crashing or settings that are upsetting your phone – anything can contribute to it, and it can be quite a problem if not addressed timely. Google Play Store is where we Android lovers get all our new apps and updates from, and having no access to it means big problems for our smartphone. Thus it is imperative to have the Play Store working all the time. And for that, you need to go through the below points to have your Play Store working all the time, and in case it crashes you can have it up and running in no time again. Thus, have a look at the points below, and say goodbye to your Playstore Problems and Errors forever –


When Your Background Data is Disabled

Given that data is continuously being transferred between your Play Store app and device, it is important that background data is enabled. You don’t need to have your background data turn on for every app but just for Play Store for your device to run smoothly. In case, you are worried for Play Store finishing off your data plan, you can always turn it back off. Below is the procedure to follow in case you need to turn your Background Data on and/or off –

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  • Go into Settings on your Phone or Android Device.

  • Select Data Usage Settings. Now turn Data Saver off if it is turned on in your phone. However if you do not want to turn it off, just go to unrestricted data setting and in front of the Play Store app, turn the tap on.


You are good to go now as having Background data enabled will keep your Play Store updated.


You Ignore Hidden Updates

These updates are not hidden literally but are more like not in your face. You just need to access most of them through the Play Store app instead of the Play Store sending you prompts on your Device screen to install the updates. However, even if Play Store is not asking you to, you can install the updates. Just follow the steps below to make sure your Android is up to date –

when updates are hidden, ignoring hidden updates, play store crash issue


  • Open your Play Store app. You must have landed on the home page.

  • Now find your way to Play Store Settings. Usually you will find it if you swipe left and scroll to the bottom of the side bar.

  • Once you are in the Setting, scroll down and check your version number. Give the number a long press, and see the notification that pops up. If you are notified there is nothing new to update, you are good to go. If not, well download the prompt immediately and let it install on its own. This will let you use Play Store normally once more.


Play Store is Simply Down

Well, not all the time problems have real reasons which you can set right after going through a number of steps. Usually Play Store is just that, it is down and can not be helped. This happens rarely, but still does and there is nothing we can do but wait and watch. However, just go through all the other steps to make sure it is genuinely a Play Store back down and nothing else.


Your Android does not have Space

In case your device is full, along with its internal and external memory, well you won’t be able to download apps or even updates. It is not necessary that you always get warned about the lack of space, and many a time people completely ignore their lack of storage while figuring out the issue with their Android. So the next time, an app stops being downloaded midway or can not be put on download, along with your connection, please check your device space.

android dose not have space, data limited, update issue, app crash issue



Your Device Stalls Updates and Downloads

A few times even clearing up space won’t give you the solution to the stalled updates or downloads that your device is facing. At times, it is your network or even the Play Store app that are running wild and you would need to run a trial and error method to check and solve whatever is wrong with your Android. Try out the following steps to make your device work right again –


  • Resetting your device is one of the better solutions out there to many problems. If your download is not starting or has started but is not completing whatever you do, just shut down your phone and then restart again. This quick reset will boost your Device and most probably solve your problem.

  • You can also check and update your Play Store app. Just go to the Setting of your Play Store app, check its version number and give it an update if needed. This also can solve your problem.

  • One of the easiest way out will be to change the network you are using. If you have another network to switch to, just do it to ensure the problem is fixed that way. If it does not, however you might have to try something else.

  • Clear your Cache. It can not be said enough how important clearing your Cache partition is. It gives your phone a new start like reset. Much like a reset, clearing the cache partition does the same thing to give your phone a fresh start. It might help you not only with Play Store but other problems as well.

  • Just go and uninstall the app you are trying to update and install the updates version directly from the Play Store. Obviously this will work only where the updates are not being installed.


You can Download only on WiFi

In case your app or update is extremely big in size, it is recommended that you use your WiFi connection instead of mobile to download it. However, at times it might be impossible to download it on mobile connection, making WiFi mandatory. Just go turn off your Data Saver feature as discussed above and solve this problem.

You can download on wifi, fast update, fast speed, no connection issue



Your Play Store App Refuses to Launch

The solutions to this painstaking problem are just a few. You can attempt basic troubleshooting steps for this. You may also uninstall your app updates in case troubleshooting does not work. At times, going back to your older version of the app might help you launch it successfully. You can check out how to uninstall updates below –

play store refuses to launch, low android memory, more data usage, CPU usage


  • Go to Setting on your Android

  • Select the option of Apps. There, scroll down and go to Google Play Store app.

  • Select the Google Play Store and tap on Uninstall updates. Once your updates are uninstalled, your app would be back to its Factory version. However it is suggested that you update it again as soon as it is launched successfully on your Android. This will make sure the app works properly this time.

The Play Store is one of the most important app for people using Android smartphones and to have it down can be equally frustrating and problematic. However, not every glitch with the app can be solved sitting at home, but most situations can be handled well. Above points will make sure you never face another downtime for Play Store errors and can fix most download errors on your own.

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