How To Fix All Issues On Pandora Radio App

Pandora Internet Radio is one of the most popular apps used in the USA right now, and it has only grown in popularity even after running into some legal battles of late. The app has some of the best features of streaming applications, but it does seem to give users some trouble from time to time with its music streaming feature for Androids.There are some simple ways to fix this, and we list them here.

  1. Clean cache and data :

    One, you should clean the Pandora app’s cache as well as data by accessing your device’s settings. Go to Settings – Application and then look for Pandora Radio.

    Clean cache and data on Pandora App

    Clean cache and Data


  2. Re-install the app :

    Two, you can try uninstalling the app and installing it again. Go to your Android device’s settings, and then go to Applications and look for Pandora Radio. There, you can find the Uninstall option in the app info. The app can also be uninstalled from the Google Play Store. You can then install the app again from the Google Play Store and check if it works now.


  3. Move files to local storage :

    Certain Pandora Radio files work only when they are on the local storage of the Android device, and not on the SD card. To fix this problem is easy, just go the Settings of the device, and then Pandora app info in the Applications menu, where you will find the option to ‘move to local memory’. Do not click on the option that says ‘move to SD card’, this means that the storage area is not the real problem.

    Move files to local storage on pandora radio app

    Move files to local storage


  4. Change Pandora Settings :

    You can also change settings within the Pandora app to see if that will fix the streaming problems. Go to the Settings tab within the app, and then go to Advanced, where you will see that you can choose either normal or high quality. Choose the one that was not chosen before to see is that will fix your problem.

    Change Settings on pandora radio app

    Change Pandora App Settings


  5. Exceptions in battery saving/task managing apps :

    A battery saving app or a task manager will kill off tasks that are deemed unnecessary to save battery and optimise resources for the phone. However, these may be inadvertently getting in the way of your music streaming, and you will have to make exceptions for Pandora Radio within your battery saving/task managing apps.


  6. Alternative apps :

    There are also alternatives to Pandora Radio that you can get easily off the Google Play Store, and they may be worth a try.

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