How To Fix Attachment Download Issues On Your Android Device

Trouble downloading attachments and other things such as applications is very frustrating and is caused by a wide range of issues. These issues are easily resolved, and here we go over them point by point so you can check each and find out what the problem was. Also, there may be a broader, system wide problem which may need to be rectified and this we discuss too subsequently.

  • Download of Picture Failing

Sometimes, you end up unable to download pictures sent to you via text, which you can usually through a single tap. To fix this, you can try the following and check if this helps.


  • Turn Mobile Data On, Wi-Fi off

This is a common problem that arises with MMS messages and their attachments, and the simple problem is to not download the attachments on Wi-Fi connections, but on Mobile Data. You will find this is the Settings of your Android, where you can turn on your mobile data and turn off your Wi-Fi.

Turn Mobile Data On Wi-Fi off on android

Turn Mobile Data On Wi-Fi off


  • Reception Issues

Your internet may not be strong enough, you may try moving to a place where there are enough bars on the network.


  • Turn off MMS Auto-Retrieve

You should go to the Messaging app, tap on the three dots in the upper right to go the Settings, and then the Advanced tab, where you can uncheck Auto-Retrieve.


  • Restart Phone

Try restarting your phone and see if that that helps.

Restart Android Phone

Restart Android Phone


  • Ensure File Type is Supported

Sometimes, the app you are using or even your Android does not support the type of file that was sent to you, and this may be the trouble. You can check if this is the case by going to the Android Developers site. Sometimes, you can open the file sent you by downloading appropriate apps on Play Store.


  • Reset the APNs to default

Go to Settings > Wireless and Networks > More > Cellular Networks > Access Point Names, then tapping on the upper right corner to go to Settings. Here you need to reset the APN to default. The way to reset the APN to default can vary from device to device also it can vary with Operating System.

Reset the APNs to default

Reset the APNs


  • Delete Old Messages

Besides taking up storage and slowing your Android down, they may also be the reason why your files are not downloading. You can delete the old messages in your apps as most of the apps offer the option of deleting old messages.


  • Download Alternative Apps

You can try downloading apps that will manage your attachments, and download and save them for you.


  • Clear Cache

If all these usual tricks are not working, you may need to clear the problematic apps’ storage cache. For clearing cache you need to go to Settings > Applications and then select the app that you want to clear cache on. Go to Storage and clear cache.

Clean cache and data

Clean cache


  • Uninstall and Reinstall App

If you think the problem is in the app itself, uninstalling and reinstalling the app may fix the problem.


  • Cannot Download Attachments Via Various Apps

Sometimes, you can not download media via various apps such as Gmail and Whatsapp, and this hinders functionality on the smartphone. To solve this, you may try the following.


  • Keep the apps updated

To stay clear of these bugs, you should keep your app in question updated.You can do this manually by going to the Play Store where you will find My apps and games > touch app, or press Update All>Accept. To Enable Automatic Updates you need to go to Settings > Then go to Auto-update apps and you can choose as per your choice whether you want to update any time or only when you are connected to wifi.


  • Keep an eye on Anti-virus and Security settings

Anti-virus or security settings can be disabled if you are sure that attachment is not spam or malware. Once you are done with downloading of the attachment make sure you Turn ON your security settings.


  • Unmount and Remount Your SD Card

You can try and check if the SD card has not been set to Read Only, which would mean that the app can not write to the SD card. You can also try unmount and remounting the SD card by going into Settings then Storage then Unmount Or Mount SD Card.


  • Factory Reset

If nothing works, you can try formatting your phone. This will delete all data and apps that you have downloaded onto your phone after purchasing it, so be sure to save whatever you want to, by backing it all up. For that you need to go to Settings  then Backup & Reset and then after that go to Factory Data Reset, and then you can click on accept. After this is done, restart your phone. If you use a screen lock, you will be required to authenticate. After you have entered the PIN, choose Erase Everything. When the process is done then you can reboot your android device.

Factory Reset android device

Factory Reset Android


  • Unable to Download Apps

Sometimes the apps seem to stop downloading when on roaming on Nougat, and this sort of problem makes the Android phone much less potent. Here are some useful ways to solve the problem.


  • Try Wi-Fi.

For a very large app, the Play Store waits for Wi-Fi.


  • Correct Date and Time

If your Android phone’s date and time are not upto date with the servers this can cause a lot of troubles on your device. To fix this issue you need to go to Settings then Date & Time  and then go to Automatic. You need to check on Automatic Date and Time, and Automatic Time Zone, and in case they have been checked you can recheck them again that will reset it.

Correct Date and Time Android

Android Date and Time


  • Check Storage Space

It may be that you do not have enough space on your SD card or internal memory to download the apps. In this case, you should delete unused files and make space for the new apps.


  • Unable to Download Anything—Still

If none of these things work, there are still some things that you can try.


  • Disable Restricted Background Data

You can disable restricted background data by going to Settings (For Marshmallow)> Data Usage and then click on the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner and click on  Restrict Background Data and click it to turn it off.


  • Play with Different Browsers and LTEs

You may also try out different browsers and also try out Net Connection in 2g and 3g mode and see if that helps.


  • Error Message: Could Not Be Downloaded Due to an Error (927)

This error comes up when a user tries to  download a particular app from Google Play Store while the program is updating. You need to wait for few minutes till the update finishes up. Also you can clearing cache and this also works. Also try closing the particular app and then start it again and see if anything improves. Also try restarting the update.


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