How To Fix Brightness Issue On Your Android Device Within Minutes

Many a times you might have noticed that Brightness Issue On Your Android Device even after keeping your Brightness settings up to date, your phone can not make up its mind with regards to screen Brightness. It will be dimmed when you have set it to max or vice versa. If the problem has you irritated, do not worry. Usually your phone needs a quick update of settings to get working correctly. If the issue persisting is not a hardware problem, we have solutions here for you which will help you solve the brightness issues faced by Android users –

A Quick Reset

It can not be repeated enough times how much can be fixed by turning off your smartphone and then turning it on again. We would even suggest you to give shutting your phone down a shot every time it starts to go haywire. Once your Android device is co turned off, you need to wait around 15 seconds and then you can switch it back on. Resetting usually puts smartphones back to their senses. Now you may try and repeat the problem were facing before. Hopefully, it will be gone. If yes, make a note to self to reset your phone if the problem keeps coming back in future. If not, keep reading.


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Check the Brightness Settings

Open your Settings and go to Display Settings. Here you will find Brightness Settings. If your phone is acting out randomly, increasing or lowering the brightness, turn off the auto brightness. With this setting off, your brightness shall stay as you want it to be, unless something is wrong.

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Disable Backlight Adjuster

A Backlight Adjuster is not a common term per se as it is common on certain ASUS devices. The Adjuster usually is there to save on power of the device by turning down the brightness no matter what brightness settings are at.

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You will find it inside Customized Setting in  ASUS devices. For other devices, you may find something alike under Battery and Brightness settings. You should make sure to have such options turned off to make sure your Android keeps your brightness up or down as you want.

Download a Brightness App

In case even after trying everything, your default brightness slider and settings are working out of control, you should opt for something better than them. One of such options is the lite version of the app Lux which you need to try out before anything else. The app, Lux, shall give you far more control over the brightness of your device than your Android. Most likely this will solve the brightness issue on your device.


Some More Troubleshooting

If the app which we used to control the brightness doesn’t resolve the issue on your device then we need to dig deeper than before. We need to dig further and check whether this is a software problem or hardware problem. By following basic troubleshooting, you can make sure whether the issue is related to software or not.

However, if troubleshooting does not end the problem, it seems much of a hardware problem than a software one.

End Note:

If its sure that the problem isn’t being created by the hardware of the device then most likely you will be able to fix it in few minutes. If the hardware is involved, things start to get complex. As per the overall user reports most of the times this is an issue with some setting or software and gets fixed within just a few minutes. Let us know how your found the suggestions to fight brightness problems on your Android. Also, let us know if you have some other tip or trick to handle this problem.

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