How To Fix Browser Crashing Issues On Android Devices

One of the worst problems we face while using Android phones is the fact that the browsers often crash, for no apparent reason. It is a problem that has dogged smartphones for quite some time now, and it always takes a lot of restarts to get the browser up and running again. It is always compatibility issues and hardware limitations that are what cause these crashes, and in this article we will address these. Also, as far as the browsers go, both Google and Samsung have switched to Google Chrome as the stock browser and this has made life much easier for the users.

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Old Phone

An old phone is one of the top causes of crashing browsers – anything that is less than 1GB RAM and doesn’t have a respectable processor is going to have a hard time loading content onto the browser. Flagship phones from three or four years will now be wildly outdated, and budget phones available today do better than them.


RAM Usage

The number of apps used may also be clogging RAM space, and your browser’s trouble may be because of too less RAM available. For this, you need to go to Settings, and observe all the apps running to see which one is taking the most RAM. Facebook and messaging apps tend to accumulate space, and you might want to delete/disable them for better browser performance.

 RAM usage, apps crash, phone hangs, android working slow, too much data usage


Multiple Tabs

Your browser, even if it is the most updated one, can not handle 50 tabs at once. Google Chrome offline content on tabs that are not in use and downloads again when you reopen the tab, but some browsers can not do that. Use only one or two tabs if your browser keeps crashing.

 Multiple tabs, phone hang, RAM issue, apps crash


Not Updated

You need to keep updating your browser for optimum performance, that includes stability updates and security ones too. This is especially true when viewing content on newer websites that carry dynamic content. Keep checking the Play Store to see if there are updates for your browser, to avoid running into problems later.

Not updated apps, update browser, check play store, new updates



CPU Usage

This is one of the top reasons for poor browser performance. If there are plenty of background apps(that you might not even use much) that keep hogging CPU resources, then the browser is going to go awry. Go to Settings to check CPU usage or alternatively download a CPU monitoring app for Android to see what the problematic apps might be, and remove them for a smoother Android experience.

CPU usage, poor browser performance, background apps

There may be some useful troubleshooting you may try if the problem persists :


  1. Change your browser : The thing about Android is, there are always options and the same is true for browsers. If your browser keeps crashing, the solution may just be another browser that you can find off the Play Store. You may even try and re-install the same browser again and see if that works.

  2. Change your phone : If your phone is older than four years, pitching for a budget phone may offer you better functions and features than your current phone.

  3. Clear App Data : If you want to stick to your browser and phone, one option may be to clear the cache data of the browser from the Settings and going to App Manager option, go to Storage option and clear the cache. Be very certain to backup your bookmarks before you do this.

  4. Factory Reset : This is a last gasp option, where you delete everything on the phone that did not come with it when you bought it. Formatting your phone may make it faster, and remove your issues with the browser but you will have to backup all data and apps if you do not want to lose them forever. For backup, you can download some top of the end stuff on Play Store.

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