How To Fix Google Play Store Crashing Problem


This is one of the common issue that users are facing on there Android Boxes, when you try to launch Google Play Store it crashes and takes you back to the home screen of your Device. So you are not able to install or update any APK on your device. It usually happens because of corrupt cache. Most of times, simply wiping cache on Google Play Store fixes the problem.

Follow the below steps to fix Google Play Store crashing problem:

01. From Home screen of your device go into Settings

02. Click on More Settings

03. Click on Apps

04. Now at the top you need to select “All” tab, swipe right to locate “All” tab

05. Scroll down and click on Google Play Store

06. Click on Clear data and that will automatically clear Cache on Google Play Store

07. Now restart your Box

If the above steps fails to resolve an issue then you will need to clear data on following services:

-> Google Play Services

-> Google services Framework 

You need to follow same above steps to clear data on Google Play Services and Google Services Framework and always remember to restart your device after clearing data.