How To Fix Movie HD No Connection Retry Error On Your Android Device


Many users has reported that they are getting “No Connection Retry” error on Movie HD App, when they try to watch any movie. This problem arises with movies that are being recently posted to the servers of Movie HD App. This issue can be resolved by two different methods which are given below. These two methods actually worked for users of different Android devices.

Method 1: Using MFT Installer

MFT Installer is completely free app which consists of Movie HD and other Apps.

01: First you need to download MFT Installer APP on your Android device

(Disclaimer: You download this App at your own risk. We are not connected with any APK that we show here)

02: After downloading the App, go to download folder or File Manger where you will find downloaded MFT Installer App

03: Click on MFT Installer App and install it on your Android device

04: After the installation will finish, you need to open the App by clicking on Open option

05: Inside MFT Installer, click on Movies/TV section and you will find MovieHD App there

06: Click on MovieHD App and install it

07: Now you can open MovieHD App and can watch movies

This is one way to resolve “No Connection Retry” error on your MovieHD App. If it doesn’t work for you then follow the next method.

Method 2

If you are on Wi-Fi connection then simply turn Off and On your Wi-Fi connection and see if that resolves an issue. Also try to Force Stop/Clear cache, update App, Uninstall/Install App and see if that works for you.
The same process is applicable on other applications like MegaBox HD and SkyHD.