How To Fix Parse Error On Your Android Device

Parse Error is one of the old and most common error faced by Android users. The error “There Was A Problem While Parsing The Package” pops up on the screen when you try to install an APK on your Android device which is a simple message saying “the application can not be installed on your Android device due to an issue with parsing”. There are several reasons for the parse error and in this blog post we will be discussing the different causes and possible solutions to fix this error in Android.

fix Parse Error

fix Parse Error on Android device

Android Parse Error causes and Fix:

01. You don’t have enough permission to install third-party applications from unknown resources on your Android device. You can go into Settings>Security and turn On “Enable Unknown Sources” option to allow installation of apps from unknown sources.

02. Parse error can also occur if you made changes to the APK file such as changing its name, permissions, settings or changing Android version. If you renamed Original.apk to Original1.apk then you need to rename it to its original name that is “Original.apk”. Once renamed, try again to install the APK on your Android device and see if that resolves the parse error.

03. Your Android OS version is not compatible with the APK that you are trying to install on your Android device. Most of the apps require Android 5.1 or higher versions. So you need to update your Android device to the latest Android version to be able to install Android APK’s.

04. A third-party app might be blocking you from installing the APK on your Android device. If you have an anti-virus enabled on your Android device, disable it before installing the Android APK and see if that resolves the parse error.

05. It can also occur due to corrupted .apk file or may be of partially downloaded APK file. Try to download fresh APK and install it. See if this can resolve the parse error on your Android device.

These are the steps that can help you to identify the possible cause for your Android parse error and you can fix it so that you don’t get an error ” There was a problem was a problem while parsing a package” while installing any APK on your Android device.

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