How To Fix Quick Charging Problem On Your Android Device

One of the latest features in Android smartphones now a days is the quick, fast or dash charging. The feature is named differently by different companies but is in fact a lucrative way to get you to buy one of the products – a phone, a charger or even an app – as these ensure you have workable battery life in your phone even after a few minutes or charging.

The feature sounds amazing as a sell point given the lifestyle of our generation which needs Android on the go, and batteries which drain faster than our wallets. However, the problem starts when the feature goes away or stops working. The reason might be anything – ranging from an app or a cable or your own phone. Whatever it is, if you have noticed your phone not charging at the speed it once used to, the list below is for you. Read through it and make sure you to boost your battery life back up again.


  1. Check Your Cable

    Mostly the charging problems are caused by cables which are not fit for the job and/or have not been fit properly. Even if you think your phone is plugged in and not charging properly for any which reason, make sure the first step to the solution is to check your cable. Pull it out and plug it back in. You have to make sure that there are not any gaps between Android and its life cord – the charging cable. In case the charger you use is wireless, make sure the charger itself is charged enough. Plug the charger in once and let it sit there for a few minutes. Once you’re sure everything is working properly, start charging your Android again.

    check your cable, fix charging cable issue

  2. A Quick Reset

    If everything is secure and working properly, maybe a quick reset will solve the problem. Unplug your device from all electric sources and switch it off. Now you would have to wait for at least fifteen seconds and then switch it on again. Once your boot screen has come and gone, put your phone back on charging and check if it is charging faster than before or not.

    A quick reset, solve the charging issue

  3. Get your Android Battery to Zilch

    It is a good way to have your battery reset and solve any charging issues it might be facing. Let your phone run till the battery completely hits 0% and the phone gets switched off. Now put the phone on charging (better if on a normal charger) and let it get charged to a 100%. However next time, you need to charge your phone again, put it on quick charging and check if the problem persists.

    Get your android battery to zilch,

  4. Pull Out or Replace Your Battery

    This option only is applicable if your phone battery is removable. In case, the battery is not meant to be removed (the way it is with recent phones nowadays), it is recommended that you do not try it. You would have to first remove your phone from any charging devices. Then switch it off and wait for at least fifteen days. After that, you may remove your battery. Let the battery sit for a few minutes giving it a time out. Once the time is over, put it back again. Switch the phone on and check the fast charging. If it persists, you might consider replacing your battery given that it is under performing.

    Replace your battery, fix the charging issue

  5. Go for a Different App

    In case you are using an app to charge your phone quick, and it is problematic, we have two select apps you can choose from to try a different app to charge quickly. And if you have not yet tried apps for fast charging, we’d recommend you to do it now.

           -> Battery Turbo

           -> Fast Charging Pro


      6. Use a Different Cable or Charger

At times, the solutions to our problems is real simple. This quick charge problem can be solved (if case be) by trying different cables or chargers. In case, you have tried all the steps from above, you might as well try charging your phone using a different cable or charger. Try your previous cable or charger with a different phone and if the problem persists there as well, it is clear that the cable or charger is faulty.

-> Troubleshoot

However, in case nothing in the above steps helped you, something might be ul with your Android. Going for troubleshoot is now the last option available to you.

troubleshooting, fix the issue with charging


Quick/Fast/Dash charging is a great technology to hoard on as much as battery life in as little time as possible. However, when it starts going astray, it is good to have backup. Try the above steps to solve all your quick charging problems on your favorite Android and let us know which one helped you below.

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