How To Fix Security Certificate Errors In Your Browser


You must have across the heavy worded security certificate error while surfing internet. It sure sounds like grave danger, as if a major breach happened, but it is not in fact. The error which might have put you on alert only means that something is wrong with either the website you are trying to access or the device your are browsing on.

Thus, the error only means you need to fix something on you end which could range from an apparently harmful website to a bug in your system which could pass with time or a quick fix. A user needs to understand the difference between them and a user should also know how to fix them. Have a look below to understand what exactly are security error certificates and how to deal with them –

Security Certificate Error – Causes

As discussed above, three main reasons can cause a security certificate error on Android. The core problem however in all the three stays the same. The error is caused by a red flag which the Android set off for something that was wrong with either the website or your Android itself. The error is more of a warning sign telling you your private data will not be secure on the website you were trying to access. It is to be noted that the error might be a false alarm. Below are the situations which might cause the red flag resulting in the error –

1. Change in Websites

At times the problem and the solution are as simple as things could get. In this case, the error might be shown cause the website has changed. It might mean the website is down, is in the process of updating, is recently updated, has changed the host site, is moving. Thus something happening the server side might cause the alarm, happening mostly for popular websites that routinely get a ton of traffic like Facebook. The error however should pass in a minute or two in this case. If the error happens while accessing any website you trust, check the URL is correct.

2. Failure of Communication

Usually while facing the security error on PC, you can put it right by just setting the time and date on the computer or updating your browser. This also extends to Android and fixing this can fix the problem in Android. This is one of the quickest and easiest fixes and should be followed if checking the website does not give a solution.

3. An Unsafe or Incorrect Website

These is the one issues that should concern you the most and make you retreat your steps. Given that you may ignore certificate errors in most conditions, this one plausible situation is why you should not. If a website is impersonating another, and/or isn’t secure enough for a certificate, you should move forward cautiously. In case, you have been to the website never before, it is better if you do not go forward and avoid it completely. In case you have visited the website before, make sure you have entered the correct URL in the bar.

A potent, malicious certificate error can not be fixed simply. Even then if you can figure out your certificate error is alright, you can fix it by going through the following steps.

Security Certificate Error – Fixes

Fixing a security certificate error on Android is as easy as on PC.

1. Refresh

At times a quick refresh will clear up any problem your Android might be facing. It does not work all the time, but surely is a quick and nice way to fix the error.

2. Reset

We can not repeat the magical powers of reset. If refreshing your web page didn’t work, may be you should try your Android. Switch your phone off and wait at least 15 second before switching it back on again. Now try and check the web page again.

3. Updated Browser

Once you are done with refreshing and resetting, head to Google Play. Check in case the browser you are using has a new update available. If it does, install the update and load the page again.

4. URL

In case you’ve accessed the web page from a bookmark, or recently closed tabs, you should try and enter the URL directly into your address bar.

5. Data Connection

Provided that you’re getting the error over Wi-Fi, you should switch to mobile data, or to another Wi-Fi network. However if you’re using mobile data, switch over to Wi-Fi. In case you get the error both times, you can try the below steps to get rid of it.

6. Date and Time

Resetting your date and time is one of the prevalent ways to resolve security errors. Go to Settings and inside Date and Time setting, enter the correct date and time. In case, your system is doing it automatically, you would have to first disable that setting and then go ahead with putting in the data. When you are done, check and load the page again.

7. Browser

However, If nothing worked for you, the only way to get past the error is to use another browser. Whichever browser you were using, switch it and check if the problem persists. Also, the switch ain’t permanent, it would just do away with the security error for the moment.

Security Certificate Error – Prevention

The only steps you can take to prevent the security certificate error is to keep everything up to date and make sure time and date on your android are set alright. Following the steps above will make sure the error is fixed in case it comes your way.

You have to remember that security certificate errors are serious warnings, and thus not to be ignored. But they also are not always correct. It is a way to prevent your personal data from leaking, however it might pose as annoyance to you while surfing the realm of internet. Though as long as you follow all steps to fix it to the letter T, you’ll keep your Android safe and do away with all security errors.