How To fix The iMessage In Android


Hola people of the technical realms. Here we are with our next article on one very important aspect of life when it goes from the tumultuous period also known as changing your phone. And if you are brave and actually took the leap from your trusted iPhone to our beloved Android, we believe you might have faced one of the most frustrating problems – your texts not getting delivered, and you not knowing about it.


Well, this won’t happen to all of your texts, obviously, but having it happen to even some of them can be really frustrating given that we all are so dependent on our phones and texting services. We know how much all you iPhone people love your iMessages and it was a frustrating issue indeed as even Apple, the manufacturer, had not officially talked about this bug, which meant none of us could actually do anything about fixing it. But that now is a thing of the past. A new tool has been introduced by Apple which would actually remove your number from iMessage thus fixing this issue. Read on to know more about the problem and what we can do to fix it now.

iMessage Chat

What was causing this bug?

Okay, so we think you already know how iMessage works which is basically the way two iPhones text each other, and it is used by default in that case. It is a free messaging tool which lets you know if a message has been sent by showing your text in a blue balloon. However if you are using an iPhone and the person you are texting has another phone like an Android, the text balloon would actually be green in color whenever the message gets sent.

The system works well till you switch your phone and send a text out using another platform like an Android instead of your usual Apple. This would actually confuse the Apple system which can not place that you have changed your platform and actually would then try to send your text via it’s iMessage tool. It sure does not happen all the time, but happens often enough to have people complaining about it.

As the iMessage system works totally differently and separately from the standard texting system, the message you sent from your Android would end up getting nowhere and never making it’s way to where it was supposed to be. Now, what is worse is the fact that the person you were texting with would never know you sent a message, and you, the sender would never know it didn’t even get delivered too. Until and unless you people like fight about it or something – which is when you would realise how much of an annoyer it is in fact..

How do we fix this bug when we are using Android?

So here is the good news – Apple finally released a free tool using which you can delete your phone number from iMessage databank, meaning no more confusions for iMessage and no more misunderstanding between you and others. In case you have shifted to Android from iPhone, we would suggest you to follow these steps:

-> Head to the Deregister iMessage website by Apple.
-> Find out the section which reads ‘No Longer Have Your iPhone’.
-> Simply put in your mobile number which I to be the same number you used while you were using your iPhone. Tap on Send Code.
-> Then, a text message with a six digit confirmation code would be sent to you, which you would need to enter in the box on the website once you receive it.
-> Click on Submit the code.
-> Your number is deregistered and your problem is fixed.

How do we fix it before we have made the switch?

Let’s say you have not made your big switch, but it is on your mind. You can then opt for the easier and better way out. Simply delete your number from iMessage already before making the switch. It does mean that your days off free messaging are over, but it will also save you lots of headache later. And you still would get your text messages so no biggie. Following are the steps you need to observe:

-> Go to the Settings and click on Messages.
-> Turn the toggle off for iMessage and your problem would be taken care of before it even started.

How do we fix the Bug using our old iPhone itself?

Many of us still have our old phones even when we get the new ones. So if you are one of those people and have made the switch, but are still in possession of your old iPhone, you can take care of the bug following these simple steps:

-> Replace your SIM card from your new Android phone and put it back in your iPhone.
-> Go to Settings and click on Messages.
-> Turn the toggle off for iMessage. And you are done.
-> Take the SIM out, and put it where it belongs – your new Android phone.