How To Fix YouTube’s Most Annoying Features

Who does not love YouTube? And why not? What better way to stream countless videos online for free? YouTube is easy, simple and forever there. However it does bring with it some irritating features that might tick you off as they do us. But we have found that to make your YouTube experience better is in fact a pretty doable exercise. Take for example the Autoplay. How many times have you faced embarrassment because you thought Autoplay was off but it was not indeed and whatever was next on the list got played out of the blue? We bet many. This and other such little nuisances that you might have faced on YouTube till date are going to disappear soon. Just follow the points below and make sure you watch YouTube in style like it is supposed to be. In case you have any questions, let us know in comments below.

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Controlling Casting Using Another Device

So, whenever you and your friends (or your family) get their devices connected to the TV and use Chromecast to cast from YouTube, each member on the group who is connected to the Chromecast router will get a notification on their phones. This is in fact to let you control the content which is being cast by someone else’s Android. Which means in case the other person got a call or has to leave midway, you can control the content without needing the original smartphone which is casting content to the TV. Here is how you can do it –


Unlock your Android and swipe down to open notifications. You will find a notification saying A Device on Your WiFI is Casting. Pull down on it to see the options available further.
You can thus pause the content by clicking Pause.
Similarly, you can stop playing the content by tapping on Stop.
Or simply turn the volume off by clicking on Mute.

Controlling Casting Using Another Device on youtube, how to control casting another device to youtube

However we understand if you find it irritating that your Chromecast sends you a notification every time a device is connected to it or uses it to cast a video. You may opt out of getting these notifications by following these steps –
Move your way to the Settings on your phone.
Go down and Click on Google Settings. You will find a menu opened. Scroll and select Cast Media Controls.
Turn the Media Control for Cast Devices off.


Preventing Autoplay While Casting

Okay, so this might sound weird, but YouTube does not actually have a way to stop Autoplay before casting. However YouTube gives us the control of switching Autoplay on or off while we browse through countless videos on our Android. The only way in which we can turn this Autoplay feature to off is in fact whilst casting something. So make sure you have turned it off before casting in front of friends and families to save you embarrassment. Here is how to do it –

Find and click on your YouTube app.
Click on the Google Cast present at the top bar of home screen.
Select a Chromecast using which you’d cast.
Play whatever video you want to play.
Select the option called Queue. You will find it at the bottom.
Turn the caption Autoplay is On to off.

Turning it off will make sure that YouTube shall not autoplay videos from now on. You can sit back and relax while casting videos with friends and family the next time.
Skipping Forward/Backward While Watching Videos
Now, you can simply forward or rewind a video whilst casting YouTube content. Here is how –

Click twice on the video that you are watching in the left side. Make sure where you tap is further away from all the controls you can see. This will make a video go back a few seconds.

On the other hand, you can tap twice on the video that you are watching in the right side to forward it a few seconds. Again, it is important where you tap is further away from all the controls you can see.

Preventing Autoplay While Casting, disable auto play option on youtube

Setting Up Double Taps to Seek

Well, we all have our preferences when it comes to double taps, and YouTube gives us the freedom to decide how much time a double tap is going to skip. In case you need or prefer the double tap going above normal periods, you can set higher increments, which will make sure the seeking is fast and does not take much time. And, if you like your double taps going slow, you can set lower increments, which will enable a more precise and controlled seeking. Following are the steps to set your double tap value –


Click on the YouTube app.

On the upper right corner, you will find your YouTube account. Click on it.
Select Settings from the menu opened. Further, click on General.
Click on Double Tap to seek and then set the increment you want.
Let us know how useful these tips were for you in the comments below.

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